Character Details - Sephrym

Written by Mezhichia RaelCreated : 30-Sep-2005 3:42:51 pm
Last Edited : 30-Sep-2005 3:56:29 pm

Appearing human most of the time, Sephrym is NOT.

A Celestial of the Seraphim, Sephrym is keenly attuned to the TRUTH. Any deviation from absolute TRUTH will be sensed; so long as the being communicating isn't convinced that it IS TRUTH. In Celestial form, Sephrym looks like a winged serpent with many pairs of eyes.

Sephrym is a member of a Archangel Dominic's servitors - one holding the distinction of Master of Law. As such, Sephrym is often assigned to assist in investigations and interrogations, working in concert with two other Celestials. Such teams are sometimes referred to as Hunters, reflecting their role in exposing corruption within the ranks of Heaven.

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