Character Details - Mezhichia Rael

Written by Mezhichia RaelCreated : 30-Sep-2005 3:42:13 pm
Last Edited : 30-Sep-2005 4:16:40 pm

Member of the Celestial Cherubim in service to Archangel Dominic. Mezhichia Rael is able to attune himself so that he can locate any person or thing, know its condition, and get to it as long as it exists. Guardian Angels. Often appears human, but isn't. Celestial form is that of a huge, winged lion surrounded by a golden glow. 

Being in service to Dominic, if someone Mezhichia is attuned to is being investigated or punished for corruption, Mezhichia won't protect them. Instead, he will assist, using his knowledge of the person's actual state of being to help focus the investigation/punishment. Often assinged to one of the Hunter teams, Mezhichia has become widely known among Celestials.

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