Character Details - Cathal O’Rinn

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Name: Cathal O'Rinn

Race: Human

Age: 20

Physical Description: Cathal is 6' 4" and weighs 173 lbs. Cathal is lean and lithe, every fiber of his muscles are well defined, even the smaller rarely seen muscles. He has burn scars on his hands and on his chest and down his stomach, which take the form of a sword. Despite his smaller frame he is quite strong, however he is faster than he is robust. Cathal's facial features are sharp, his skin his fair, but his cheeks are a rosy red. His eyes are a brilliant emerald, his hair pitch black. Cathal wears a black hooded robe, under which he is dressed in light leather armor. On his belt he carries several knives, and an ornate sword.

Personality: Over all Cathal has a positive outlook on life. He is usually cynical in jest, but sometimes in his moments of frustration he becomes cynical, but he consciously limits this outlook on life. He is introverted, which means he tends to keep to himself or smaller crowds, but that doesn't mean he is antisocial. He's quiet and observant, perhaps sterner looking than he really is, but he's sweet when he opens up. Cathal does show signs of a past full of turmoil, he used to be antisocial and suffered from heavy depressions, and is still adjusting to a life with his new positive outlook.

Powers: Cathal is a paladin, he has powers of light and thus has a deadly effect on anything of darkness. His powers manifest mostly as inhuman strengths and agility, while he doesn't have actual spells, which harm 'evil'. Mostly his presence is like a poison to those aligned with darkness, unless they are very powerful.

Abilities: Cathal is well versed in fighting, especially with a sword.

Weapons: Cathal wields a long sword, the hilt takes the form of a golden eagle. Along the flat surface of the blade are etched words of light.

Background: Cathal grew up in a small village. His father was a warrior of their clan leader. Thus Cathal began martial training at a very young age. They boy however, was extremely inquisitive and curious and grew up very intelligent, especially with the aid of his mother, who often gave him materials to study. Consequently, Cathal became both a warrior and a scholar, he even went, though his father disapproved, to an established academy of a foreign empire. Cathal appeared to have the perfect life, yet something was internally wrong with him.

He pulled away from society, was constantly depressed, and was highly cynical. Despite all this he excelled in academics and in martial training. Still as he matured the dark clouds grew. Seventeen and in the academy he found himself dangerously depressed. He was seriously contemplating suicide.

One night, determined to kill himself, Cathal ran from the academy carrying with him a knife. Out in the forest under a full moon Cathal slit his wrists. A wolf came to him in his moments of lingering before death. The wolf licked Cathal's wounds and then howled. Cathal could hear in the wolf's voice the words of nature.

"You have seen what is wrong with this world, the corrupt and the evil. What has God or the Devil done for this world, for me nature? Nothing. I remain unprotected from the molesting hands of humanity. Cathal, be my warrior, be my savior."

Cathal accepted. Something of nature, a spirit, a demon, Cathal wasn't sure what, entered his body. The entity saved Cathal's life and imbued him with demonic powers of destruction. Cathal gathered an army of men and wreaked havoc on the lands. He destroyed all armies, which confronted him, pulverized all civilizations, which lay before him. Once 'nature' was pleased with his work he turned on his men, because there could be no one left to taint the new beginning. Alone he planned to vanquish the remaining world, but a warrior angel confronted him.

The angel told Cathal that he was being condemned to hell and that the angel himself knew that Cathal was a heart a good person, but regardless had entrapped himself in hell for eternity. Cathal told him that he didn't care, what he was doing was just and if he went to hell for it, he didn't care. Unable to let Cathal proceed willingly, the angel fought Cathal. The battle lasted days, but the angel finally fatally injured Cathal.

In Cathal's moments before death he saw his actions. In tear's Cathal asked for redemption, asked to be a knight of light. As a paladin he swore that he would right his wrongs by cleansing earth justly, the he would follow blindly whoever promised fallacies of justice and greatness.

The angel saved him and gave him a holly sword. Initially Cathal couldn't hold the sword, his soul still tainted with darkness. Determined he grabbed the sword and pressed it against his body. The sword cleansed the majority of his soul. From that day forward Cathal aided the helpless and defeated the corrupt.

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