Character Details - Helen Mars

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Name: Helen Mars
Meaning: Dawn's Truth
Age: 100
Eyes: Celtic - Grey rims, green centres, amber around the iris
Hair: Dark Strawberry Blonde,almost red.
Height: 2'3"


Helen is a warrior, a mother and a strong Psi-Talent. She is a loving soul but can be fierce in her protection of her family.


She has lived most of her life on the run from a power-hungry organisation known as the Corporation. She was forced to have her first child - Shari - at a very young age, and Shari was taken from her from the moment she was born.

Later escaping her Corps keepers, Helen ran with a group of refugees, including Paul Davids, who later raped her. He is the father of her twins, Rachel and Anaya.

Running from Paul, Helen met Galain Alcarin. The pair were breifly lovers, and she credits him with saving her life. He showed her a whole new area of the Galaxy, and she made her home for a short while in the Green Heart Inn.

After Galain and Helen parted ways, Helen procured the mining and land rights to a planet - Haven. On Haven she created a safe place for refugees and wanderers, and met James Corinth

Helen and James married, and had a son, Jason. Jason's twin Julian died at birth. James and Helen were together until Helen's death.

Some years after Helen died, she was returned to life by the Light Goddess of Haven - Semel. Semel returned Helen on the condition she would help protect Haven, and became the planet's guardian.

There was a price to her return however. The eternal tie between her soul and the soul of James Corinth was severed.


Helen's Celtic eyes are genetic markers implanted by the Corporation. She also has the Semelseht, mark of the Goddess Semel, on the back of her neck.


Helen is a Tri-Power, a Psi-Talent who has the combined abilities of a telepath, telekinetic and empath. As such, she can read minds, move objects mentally, and sense emotions. For more detailled information, please read the Mars mythos information at Haven.

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