Character Details - Trina Mars Davids

Written by HelenCreated : 27-Sep-2005 10:36:18 am
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Name: Trina Mars Davids
Age: 21
Height: 5'8"
Eyes: Celtic
Hair: Honey blonde


Youngest sibling and the most unstable, Trina requires constant physical contact from at least one of her siblings at all times. As the empath of the Triad, she has spent most of her life under heavy sedation, only being roused when needed. She is also the most innocent of the three, and the most protected. If taken off the suppressant drugs, it is most likely Trina will go insane. Trina is deaf.

All three of the girls are extremely strong in their disicpline, but they are untrained, and have spent most of their lives drugged so their talents were suppressed. A strong mental bond formed between them before birth, and as such, they require large amounts of physical contact between themselves. This was not a problem whilst they were held by the Corporation, as they were kept in the same cell. It is highly unlikely they will ever be able to spend more than a day apart, depending on how well their individual talents can be honed. Because of the way the girls were engineered, faulty genes caused defects in all three, a different one manifesting in each.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Maggie Grace