Character Details - Lyhin

Written by FoalanCreated : 26-Sep-2005 9:54:30 pm
Last Edited : 28-Sep-2005 7:49:16 am

Name: Lyhin
Age: unknown (appears mid thirties)
Height: 5'8
Build: tone, graceful,
Hair: Black
Eyes: Deep Blue
Race: Unknown

Scars and Markings: She has three tattoos. On her back is a dragon wreathed in flame, the scales luminscent, catching and reflecting the light. The tail wraps around her waist, stopping just below her hip bone. A second tattoo is located at the collarbone, a tribal design that is usually seen when she's wearing low cut dresses or shirts. The third is located just behind her left knee, a small snake wrapping around her knee, heading toward her inner thigh.

Personality: Lyhin is an interesting person. Cold and calculating she tends to remain aloof to the goings on around her. Yet at the same time she is caring to all those who work for her. Her employees are like her children, Lyhin refusing to let them be hurt more than is necessary. Because of the nature of her business she is ultimately aware of the happenings of her house. No one gets through the front door without her express permission, even if it is silent. Those to manage to find a way to sneak into her business will not like to see her angry. She is master of her domain for a reason.


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