Character Details - Maeve McDermot

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MaevePhysical Description:

Maeve McDermot

Meaning of Name:



Apparent Age (if different):






*Identifying Marks (if present):
naval piercing

sarcastic t-shirts and leather pants riding boots, anything that's comfortable with a bit of flirt to it. She still favours anything that reminds her of Terra.

Personal Items usually carried:
She still carries books around when she can, but usually she has several knives, and a few other random trinkets.

Personal Information:

Maeve and serious just don't go together. She loves mishief even more than her mother, forever trying the patience of the most sainted of individuals. She is slightly bookish, prefering the company of the make believe than certain parts of her reality. She may have hada hard life, always on the move but she never never regretted it. She loves her mother and threw herself into the search for her brothers when she was old enough to understand. If possible she is more stubborn than her brother Alasandair. She has a temper just as swift which shocks people who see her as just a delicate little angel.

no idea

*Skills and Abilities:
she's quick with a knife and sword; though she's more lover than fighter, horse riding,

*Weapons Used:
knives, swords

Background Information:

The youngest of seven children, Maeve was the last child her mother was able to carry. Complications during her birth were hard on both, equally hard, especially on her mother was Maeve's father not being around. Forced to stay at home and watch six boys under the age of 12. The hardest blow didn't come until after they were released from the hospital, Sadhbh came home to find the house empty, everyone gone. Finding no sign of her family she began the search, dragging the small babe with her, Maeve growing up with a very differnt childhood. Travelling around the world in search of her family, Maeve's education was sporatic at best, at least until high school. Refusing to let her unothordox education stop her Maeve has done everything in her power to prove herself, flying through school and graduating a year ahead. She continued her education whilst looking for her brother, her mother refusing to let her daughter's studies fail in anyway.Now at twenty-four she's studying in Japan three years after finding her family, finally tracking down the final relative her brother Sander.

When she was twenty four she went to York, to study for her Ph.d, one night after leaving the library late she tripped and landed Alice in wonderland style in Arlsyn. During Kus, Maeve's curiosity got the better of her and she ended up getting hit with something. Afterward she didn't notice any changes. She went home long enough to check on her family but she left just as quickly and has spent the intervening years exploring, and studying at the libraries of Sha'dar.

she's been living on Whispin for the last few years, currently sharing living quarters with Holo whom she met shortly after her arrival.

*Marital Status:
lover, Holo



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