Character Details - Kyra Diamondwood

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Name: Kyra Diamondwood
Race: Eldredae
Height: 5' 8"
Build: Slim
Hair: Long, Walnut brown with rich, auburn highlights
Eyes: Jade Green
Identifying Marks: Ivy leaf pierced by a sword over her right breast, her bondmark to Owen. 
Marital Status: Married to Owen Diamondwood
Children: Four: three sons - Rhias, Broel and Dahri - and one daughter, Task Diamondwood

Personality and Abilities:

Determined and feisty, Kyra has been called headstrong by those whose instructions she refused to obey. Yet she is also gentle and compassionate, fond of green, growing things and finding great pleasure in a well-kept garden of any sort. As with all of her race, she has an innate ability to learn almost anything immediately, this includes languages, written or spoken.

All Eldredae are capable of using the power of Aerdon's ley lines, however, their abilities are Elemental; Fire, Earth, Water, Air...there is a fifth and sixth type of Elemental Mage, and they are rare in the extreme, the Soul-Healer and the Aey'thryn, or Ghia. Primarily a Water Mage, Kyra also possessed the gift of Soul-Healing, a gift passed to her only daughter, Task.


Born in the Silmetaurea of Aerdon,  daughter of Estalde and Kehlad, as the only female of the royal house of Eldredae, Kyra was to be married off to another Elf Lord to increase his ties to the royal family. Being headstrong, Kyra refused the marriage and bolted. It was as a runaway that she first met Owen Diamondwood, then serving in the armies of Fahd Slayden, the grandfather king of Iod Slayden the current king of the Ruauldnahm, the Human lands of Aerdon. They married and settled in the NeutralLands, had three sons and a daughter, Task, and later, he and Kyra were thought to be dead at the hands of Araxmarr’s sire, Nargus Blackthorn. But you know what they say about the truth being stranger than fiction…

Their sons, from eldest to youngest, were Rhias, Broel, and Dahri. Their only daughter, Task, was born after Owen and Kyra had thought the Fates had decided three children were all they were to be blessed with. Rhias was the hunter of the family and took his little sister under his wing and the pair were often gone with the hunting parties for days at a time.

Broel died before he reached the age of 13 in what can only be called a freak accident, a throw from a Centaur colt while the two were rough housing… Merrick Axewielder being that colt. Dahri left home at a young age to enlist in the Human armies of Echris Slayden, and was later hunted down and executed by his own army for desertion when he refused to sack a small merchant town which had allegedly not been paying its proper dues to the king. Task, their only daughter, later fell in love with a young half-elf survivor of an attack on a neighboring village, Callan Blackthorn...

Kyra’s Death:

When Nargus attacked the village (Tapestry of Legends) , Enkara was working a spell that would forever trap her soul in the dagger forged as a wedding gift for Task from Callan, and Callan’s soul in his own Illinsaad, the amulet of Black Death. Unknown to Kyra or Owen, their moment of ‘death’ was the exact moment the spell was completed. Brighid, goddess of Flame, and her companion, Xraden, god of Chaos, had other plans for Kyra and Owen, and the pair found themselves awakening in paradise.

But paradise is often off-limits to mortals, and Kyra was taken as a slave by Human Slave Traders… the ‘heaven’ they thought they’d found together soon became their Hell… Arlsyn.

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