Character Details - Turq Ara'Lyban

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Kusanar Tanaii version -

Name: Turq Ara’Lyban

Age: Well over 785 years old, more than that is unknown even by him
Height: 6’ 5
Weight: 225lbs or just over 16 Stone
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Clear, whiskey brown
Race: Human, specific race of Human unknown.
Profession: Soldier turned Runner (more on that shortly) and later, demolitionist, ship recovery expert...*Fancy term for scavenger/salvage crew hand*
Marital Status: Hard to marry when you’re a Runner…

History: Turq grew up in a distant region of Arlsyn. He was purchased as a child, barely the age of 15 by a noble Human family. He was trained as a soldier, but later killed one of his superior officers in self-defense. After a short, farce of a trial, he was sentence to become a Runner… he was dumped out on a small island with only rudimentary survival tools and no weapons, and was then hunted for sport. After he’d killed several hunting parties and taken their weapons as his own, he became subject of a massive man-hunt, which drew in a large group of skilled people, seeking to hunt him down.

Rather than kill them, he simply stole their ship and left them there.

Appearance: Turq is a large man, but agile. His overall build is lean, well defined muscle. He prefers dark brown, near-black canvas trousers, generally wears a buckskin colored duster, weather permitting, and a black, knitted tank top beneath that. He wears around his neck claw on a leather thong. The story as to what animal they come from changes story to story, but one thing is certain, he bears the actual scars from the encounter with the beast across his chest and back. Beneath his shirt is a second leather thong which has a single finger bone hanging from it.  No one has ever had the story about who's it was, but it is obvious from the delicate shape of the bone it belonged to a woman.  His hair is shoulder length or even slightly longer and is worn in knotted dread locks.

Personality: Turq has bad table manners, a morbid sense of humor and has to be strong-armed into bathing.  He does, however, take very good care of his teeth and usually travels with a stash of apples... or whatever is close, on whatever world he's on.   He is resourceful, very blunt - no time for pleasantries, and can be so honest he’s rude.

More on his *Profession*:  Turq left Arlsyn at some unknown date after Kusanar and went into the only job he's ever really loved... demolition and ship recovery... meaning he's an expert at recovering (read "stealing") the good stuff on a ship in space, then blowing it up.  Needless to say, he's gotten cross-ways with more than a few Companies, Federations and Smuggling syndicates.  The bounty on his head is now so mind boggling, insanely high, if he could kill himself and collect the money, he would.

Weapons: Anything will do, C-4 is for pussies

Nocturne Version:

This version is still under wraps/development along with the total mythos of the world of Nocturne. He does have the same height and build, hair color, eye color, etc, but has a tattoo on his jugular, the mark of which is used on his family crest below the sig. The symbol represents the outspread wings of either race, a Seraphii or Demonii, with vertical spike cutting through the base of the wings which means that he is a hunter of those two races and brings death to those he finds.


Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Jason Momoa as Ronan Dex from Stargate Atlantis