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Name: Owen Diamondwood
Age: Approximately 1500 years old
Race: Aerdonian Human
Height: 6 Common Terran Feet
Weight: 210 pounds or approximately 15 Stone
Eye Color: Brown shot with moss green
Hair: Rich brown shot with gold, some grey mixed in
Profession: The highest ranking General in the Human armies turned Blacksmith of high renown.
Marital Status: Married to Kyra Diamondwood
Children: Four: three sons - all dead in an attack by Nargus Blackthorn, one daughter, Task Diamondwood
Scars: Too numerous to mention

History: Owen Diamondwood was the only son of a high ranking Ranger in the Ruauldnahm, the Human lands and a mother who came from common roots. He was trained in warfare from an early age and rose in rank in the armies of Fahd Slayden, the grandfather king of Iod Slayden the current king of the Ruauldnahm. Owen later became known across the width and breadth of Nehlmere as “The General” and was disciplined on numerous occasions by Fahd for fraternizing with the lower ranking soldiers under his command. After many years of fighting alongside the Centaur clans against the armies of Nargus Blackthorn, Owen walked away from the military he’d considered his only family. Many said he’d gone soft from meeting a runaway royal, Kyra Eldredae, who later became his wife. Other’s claim he’d had enough of being told to treat his soldiers as expendable, not as family. The truth was, Owen was simply following the threads of his destiny, something he could never explain to anyone he knew in the military. He and Kyra married and settled in the NeutralLands, had three sons and a daughter, Task, and later, he and Kyra were thought to be dead at the hands of Araxmarr’s sire, Nargus Blackthorn. But you know what they say about the truth being stranger than fiction….

Personality: The General, to those who do not know him, seems to be the classic hard-ass, old soldier, who’s seen and done things no normal person should see or be expected to do. He is quiet, preferring to listen and learn about people before being open to them. He goes with his guts, intuitions, and refuses to go against them. This trait made him hard to control as a General, yet the Fates seemed to favor him for this, and in the instances when it mattered most, his intuition never failed him…or his troops. Despite this seeming hard personality, Owen has been through ‘hell’ and can still find something to laugh about. He laughs easily, once he knows you, and has a bawdy sense of humour, something his royal wife was never able to quite shame him out of. His ability to laugh, his loyalty to family, sense of humour and blacksmithing skills are all things that endeared him to the Centaur people of the Plains.

Appearance: Owen is a flat 6 foot tall and weighs 210 lbs, or 15 stone. He is just large enough to intimidate smaller people and those with less constitution, yet small enough to seem a tempting target for those who think to bully someone around. Those who have tried the later have found out just how wrong they are in very painful ways. His strength lies in his upper body, from years of fighting in infantry and cavalry situations and later, from the trade of blacksmithing. For the purposes of Kusanar Tanaii, Owen has traded his skills for a set of light armour similar to that worn by the Roman Gladiators of Terran and wears it, as well as his weapons, constantly… unless he’s taking a bath.

Weapons and Skills: As a General, Owen was considered a military genius, but always brushed the accolades off; his tactics were common-sense mixed with intuition and boldness only. To him, there is no genius in common-sense, practical matters. He is fully trained in hand-to-hand combat, his preferred weapon being Tiitas… the sword which was lost to him in Tapestry of Legends when Nargus burned his home. It is now carried by his granddaughter, Mira Blackthorn-Badb Catha. In the absence of Tiitas, Owen is making do with a battered, but reasonably well-crafted, simple sword of approximately 52 inches, overall length, with a blade length of approximately 40 inches, which he also traded for when he bartered for the armour.

As a blacksmith, Owen is a Master, and taught Callan Blackthorn the finer points of the skill, and thus the apprentice surpassed his master in a matter of mere years. Owen’s own skills, however, were well known, almost famous, across the NeutralLands and in fact, his forge was the only non-Centaur forge the Clans would trade with.

Bondmarks and Tattoos: Owen bears a single, green ivy leaf on his right pectoral, over his heart, the bond mark to Kyra. On his right bicep he has a band intertwined black horses and knot work similar to the Celtic art of Terran. This mark was the symbol of a cavalryman in the Human armies. On his left bicep is an ornate Celtic-type cross. This last mark was given to him by Drey Axewielder, and is a symbol of the Centaurs’ affection and trust in Owen. It represents the four winds with the nexus being the seed of all souls, the place where the Centaurs believe the All-Father creates souls prior to sending them to their mortal forms and the traditional circle that arcs around the ‘limbs’ is the endless cycle of birth, life, death, re-birth.

More on his children: Owen’s greatest joy was found in the lives of his children. His sons, from eldest to youngest, were Rhias, Broel, and Dahri. His only daughter, Task, was born after he and Kyra had thought the Fates had decided three children were all they were to be blessed with. Rhias was the hunter of the family and took his little sister under his wing and the pair were often gone with the hunting parties for days at a time. Broel died before he reached the age of 13 in what can only be called a freak accident, a throw from a Centaur colt while the two were rough housing… Merrick Axewielder being that colt. Dahri left home at a young age to enlist in the Human armies of Echris Slayden, and was later hunted down and executed by his own army for desertion when he refused to sack a small merchant town which had allegedly not been paying its proper dues to the king.

Task, his only daughter, later fell in love with a young half-elf survivor of an attack on a neighboring village, Callan Blackthorn. The last name was not considered anything unusual, and in the NeutralLands, it is the equivalent of ‘Smith’. Owen himself took the boy on as apprentice, and in the absence of his own father, gave the boy fatherly guidance when that of Enkara, the village shaman/priestess, could not. Callan eventually filled the place in Owen’s heart left torn and empty from the loss of his two other sons... And ironically, that place was filled by the very Black Kin Owen had fought on the borders of the Ruauldnahm... Araxmarr Zavern Sar'da.

Once again his intuition told him 'Callan' was more than he seemed, and knew in his heart ‘what’ the boy was, if not ‘who’. But he also knew in his heart there was something good and of honor in Callan, and agreed to let him marry his only daughter, the girl who could read souls as easily as if she were breathing air.

Owen’s Death: When Nargus attacked the village (Tapestry of Legends) , Enkara was working a spell that would forever trap her soul in the dagger forged as a wedding gift for Task from Callan, and Callan’s soul in his own Illinsaad, the amulet of Black Death. Unknown to Kyra or Owen, their moment of ‘death’ was the exact moment the spell was completed. Brighid, goddess of Flame, and her companion, Xraden, god of Chaos, had other plans for Kyra and Owen, and the pair found themselves awakening in paradise.

But paradise is often off-limits to mortals, and Kyra was taken as a slave by Human Slave Traders… the ‘heaven’ they thought they’d found together soon became their Hell… Arlsyn.

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