Character Details - Aspen Hawk

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Race: Half human half fae
Height: 5’10”
Hair: Shoulder length, Brunette,
Eyes: Green with gold flakes
Age: Unknown Looks to be around 25 to 30 years old.
Weapons: Carries only a dagger for her protection

Adventurer and Seeker of lost artifacts.

Aspen iwas told that she is Willow Silverwing's half sister, a product of a summer fling between their father, and a young and very beautiful fae. Unable to keep the half-human/fae child due to her laws, Aspen was given to her father to raise. Aspen is a few years older than Willow, and before the age of five, they were taken away to safety when their father was threaten.  That was the story everyone was told and everyone believed up until recently.  Aspen spent a great deal of time in the library at the Dragon Inn and then made a trip to the Southern Continent, where she found that her mother had been pregnant before she met Willow's father, Merlin/Silva.

Now, the brother of Salem, Drago took Aspen with him when the girls had to be taken away during one of the times that Merlin and his wife had to go into hiding, knowing that Salem could not handle more than one child at a time. While Willow was being placed on Terra, Aspen was being placed on Avalon, an old world of many races, some long lost, which was actually the Plane of Avalon, where she lived in an illusion for many years. With help from Drago, in his hawk/human form, Aspen became a great Seeker of ancient artifacts, learning at an early age that magic was not always the right solution for everything. Though she knows magic, she hates to use it, but will. .

Aspen and Willow had not met since childhood and in fact did not remember one another. While Salem was easy going and gentle, Drago was hard and somewhat unfeeling at times.

Aspen turned out to be sure of herself, never saying sorry for her actions, as that would be a sign of weakness in her eyes. She is street wise, she has been known to turn a number of heads, but has never taken a mate. She is unaware that Drago is also a wizard, but has been with her since the girl’s parents disappeared.

Drago and Salem could never see eye to eye about the way each raised Aspen and Willow. Salem's nickname for Willow when she was growing up was "Sparrow", and Drago's nickname for Aspen was "Hawk."

Updates to Aspen's bio:

Drago has left Aspen and she now lives on the World of Merlin. 

Aspen will admit to being in love, once.  It was an ill fated love with a man by the name of Justin Se’hena.  A very evil man who wined and dined her and took her away to his home world. Here he was able to draw her out to use her magic, showing him how gifted she was, how powerful.  Then he drugged her, keeping her on a tight rein.  He has her destroy people and villages just for his enjoyment.  It took her years to pull out from under his influence.  When she finally got away she swore she would never use her gifts again except for one hide her wings, to hide that she was fae.  She swore she would never trust another man. 

She has been attracted to Cayde Nyghthawk, Sean Rain and Kilpatrick Jones, a rascally dwarf--she wears one of his beads on a necklace as a reminder that love doesn't always come wrapped the way you expect..

Married:  No
Bonds:  None
Children:  Barren - she cannot have children due to her relationship with Justin and what transpired between the two of them.

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