Character Details - Lyall Badr

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Lyall Badr was born into the Pack at its very beginning, when it only consisted of thirty or so werewolves. A young werewolf, she had been fascinated with the loner, August Heaven who had appeared one day and he in return found her the most fascinating of the females. It became apparent that the two who soon mated would ultimately be the Head of the Pack because there was no equal to them inside it. 

At the time there occurred a Change in the Pack. From generation to generation the heads of the Pack were stronger, finer werewolves. When Lyall and August became Leaders, it seemed, there had never been or will be a match to them. It seemed that they had reached the Pack's highest potential. 

The Change did not occur due to the Leaders of the Pack, it was something that rooted from within. The Pack grew in numbers and power… and brutality. They were no longer just werewolves, leading peaceful lives but had become the creatures driven from the nightmares of men. 

It was a hazy red whirlwind, the entire Pack were tumbling blindly, hungrily inside it, the blood-thirst growing as the werewolves became more and more daring, racking havoc on their surroundings, bringing death and terrorizing the land. 

And in the Head of it all were Lyall and August, swimming in their love that seemed to blossom with the lust for killing. 

But one night, in Lyall's mind as she lay bare among the skin blankets wrapped in her Mate's arms, something went snap. 

Before the sun had barely brightened the corners of the world she was nowhere, her scent was cold. When a werewolf does not want to be tracked, it doesn't get tracked. 

It was a hard trade to take up, this late in her life, but she had decided to explore the human side of her, living among the humans and trying to keep a low profile. She has an amazing talent of being able to not stand out, though occasionally people would comment of her strange tendency to stare bleakly at the world around her, like she is watching a show.  

She tries not to move about too much, getting comfortable as long as she could. Until people start giving her odd looks and asking questions that shouldn't be asked. She'd be gone before they finish with the question marks and start with the exclamation marks. 

She seems to know a lot about everyone. Not Everyone Who Matters though, everyone knows a lot about Everyone Who Matters. She knows a lot about the everyone that are the everyone who know a lot about Everyone Who Matters.  

Those people are the people that make up such a large portion of everything but aren't important enough to be mentioned because all they do all day is get by. Nothing's really exciting about simply living a simple, straightforward life. But she knows everything about them; she watches them because they interest her beyond all recognition. She tries to understand how they do it but can never really grasp it. 

Other than that she's constantly worried. The Pack doesn't give up on their members so quickly. She'll never really grasp the concept of what a life is like until she stops running. And it's not only from the Pack; it's the monster that claws at her from within. It’s a day to day struggle not to, one day, slip. 

August wants her dead, which means the whole Pack wants her dead. And then there's Lyal''s cheap replacement, because August had to have a mate. Scarlet isn't a match for Lyall, but she is nevertheless a threat even bigger than August. No woman wants to be in the shadow of another woman. So when the Shadowed Woman is a raving lunatic and a werewolf one ought to keep a close eye over where one steps next. Especially if this said Shadowed Woman is one's own sister. 

And then there's Goldtooth, Lyall's brother. It was a mere challenge, and he had been so sure he'd win. The Pack had been sure he'd win too. They did not interfere, they were vicious bastards but at least they played by the rules of the game, August would not have it any other way; it was all a "Game" to him. But there was a reason that Lyall had held as Head of the Pack, she was not August's mate for no other reason but her lack of the ability to actually ever lose, especially a fight. 

And she had disabled and crippled Goldtooth, but did not kill him, because she strived to prove that she was August's equal, and more. She had control. 

The rules of the game stated, though, that she now owned Goldtooth, and Lyall kept these rules as well. Fair was fair and family was family. 

No longer a lone wolf, but not a Pack either, Lyall strives to find her place in some kind of life, and through it all she must deal with her hateful yet loyal relationship with Goldtooth and running away from the August, whom she loves most of all


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