Character Details - Adelaide

Written by NaoCreated : 21-Sep-2005 1:25:45 pm
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Note: This character is currently in... my musuem. She is inactive until I remember how to write her


Appearance: Adelaide looks as all Sevenice elves look, though not many people have ever seen a Sevenice elf before, so if told, none would know this. She looks shocking; with hair so red she can be seen from miles away, like fresh florescent blood-red. Her eyes are green, unnaturally green, the green you get on bright rain-washed leaves in the spring.

Her hair is unkempt, yet regularly cut to somewhere around shoulder-length, otherwise it disturbs her. Sometimes she feels, for some unknown reason, like decorating it with feathers or flowers though after a while they get tangled and lost in her shocking-red mane. Other times she would just braid those necessary parts of her hair to prevent them from bothering her face.

Everything she has ever worn turned out, eventually, to be a sort of grayish-brown color, ripped from travel, repeated washing and time.

Markings: Although suffered many scars in her past, not many scars can stay upon her. Therefore she has only once mark, upon her abdomen, a faded silver star that used to be, once, a few millennia ago, an Elen star given to her by some lover. She no longer has that funny nose-ring she had been known for, it had grown boring at some point, and therefore she took it off, at least that had left a scar, though not visible to anyone who didn't go searching inside her nose.

Equipment: Adelaide carries with her two things that are very precious to her. The one – her Sevenice crossbow, made of rare jade particles, each shaped with her own hands and strung with the silver tail-hair of the black unicorn from the Sevenice forest. The crossbow is capable of firing five bolts; each made of jade as well and has five different triggers, each for a different purpose. While not in use the crossbow folds in to a solid jade stick with no scratches or markings on it, the smooth surface indicates that the jade has never been broken. Only Adelaide can open her crossbow. She fits it in to a special leather compartment which she had sewn on to her boot.

Adelaide's second possession is a fiddle, though more accurately the fiddle is Adelaide's soul. While each part of the fiddle had been replaced at least one, it remains the thing she treasures most in the world.

Personality: Some say Adelaide is the embodied form of freedom; others say she is the result of a tormented soul. Adelaide creates music that has scarcely ever reached mortal ears, her music is her life and it states the pace of events and everything around her.

Years ago Adelaide had managed to banish forever the "Grayer" parts of her personality.

Background: Somewhere along the murky paths of time and different world and magic Adelaide had given birth to two children, none of which she knows the whereabouts of, faced herself in ways that no one has yet faced themselves and experienced countless injuries, maladies, heart-aches and adventures.

Yet none of this managed to extinguish the bright happy sparkle in her eyes or lessened her ability to play her enchanting tunes.

She's somewhere beyond alive now, that's what thousands of years of living does to you.

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