Character Details - Tonikha Rose

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 Known/Common Name - Tonikha Rose
Birth Name - Averra Saad-ra Ashev
Race: 3/4 Black Kin, 1/4 Silver
Age:  Approximately 2,000 years old
Height:  5' 5"
Weight:  Approximately 220 lbs or almost 16 Stone
Eye Color:  Moss green
Hair Color:  Dirty/sandy blonde
Rank:  Captain of the Orsha Une
Lineage:  Daughter of Daemonorel Asmoor, later called Ashev and Tia Saad'dra


Tonikha was the only child produced of a mating between Daemonorel and Tia shortly before Araxmarr was sent from the Keep to assassinate Kyra Diamondwood and all offspring born by her.  Already Nargus' paranoia was starting to become evident, and Tonikha's egg was hidden with a Minor Black House.  Daemonorel was told the infant had never survived its hatching. 

Tonikha was raised as a foster-child until she reached the age of majority, 1,000 years and at that time was sent to the Keep to further her education and training.  There she was noticed by Vanya Talonspeer, a young Orsha Une at the time but one that showed great promise.  Tonikha was 'recruited' into the Orsha Une and later rose in rank until the death of Vanya Talonspear, who died with the rank of 'Captain'.

Tonikha became her successor as Captain of the Orsha Une.

Daemonorel has become aware that the child survived, through his time spent in the Gardens and at the hands of Nargus, however, he has never made any effort to discover the child's identity or even sex as he feels a child could only be used as 'leverage' someday.

Appearance -

As all Orsha Une, Tonikha's hair is cropped short.  She bears no piercings and only one tattoo, the trinity mark of the Orsha Une, which is located on her jugular.  She is always dressed in black garments fitting the season of the year or world of travel and is strongly built.  She has the same basic 'frame' of her sire, the shorter, more muscular stature.

Personality -

Tonikha is possessed of quiet strength and aloofness inherited from her mother, Tia.  She is enigmatic when anyone presses her for details about the Orsha Une, and the best answer anyone will ever get from her is the textbook description of what the Sisters in Blood actually are... mere bodyguards for the Vesai/vesai of the Black Throne.

Weapons skills -

Tonikha carries whatever is appropriate for the moment, but traditionally, the Orsha Une carry few, if any, obvious weapons at any given time.  As an Orsha Une, Tonikha relies not on weapons in battle, but her own body and fighting skills.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Katee Sackoff as Kara "Starbuck" Thrace from Battlestar Galactica