Character Details - Eluned Te'al

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ElunedName: Eluned Te'al
Race: Shroudling
Height: 6' 5" 
Build: Slim
Hair: Blonde, Shoulder-length, with a slight wave
Eyes: Grey
Marital Status: Single

Born in the city of Sha'dar on Arlsyn, Eluned is a member of a race known as the Shroudlings, a cross between immortals (or rather the Sildanai) and elves. Like all of her kind, she is tall and graceful with a slight point to her ears which can lead to her being mistaken for an elf. Her preference for the fine jewel-toned silk dresses favoured by the females of her race enhances this impression of elegance and grace.

Eluned can be quiet, speaking only when necessary, but her air of serenity conceals an open heart and intelligent mind. Like many of her race, she possesses a love of knowledge and the fine arts, being skilled at the intricate embroidery which can be seen decorating her garments, as well as being interested in the healing arts. She also possesses a love of the sea beside which the city of her birth is built, and is a competent sailor.

Due to their Sildanai blood Shroudlings have an uncanny knack for magic, but don't typically use it, finding that it causes life to become too easy and dull. In this Eluned is no different to any other Shroudling, and she rarely performs magic under anything other than the direst of circumstances. She also possesses the knack of passing through mirrors into the "mirror world" or Mir'ror, an "alternate reality" that exists to their city. This skill also allows her to"lock" mirrors so that others can't scry (or pry) into more private affairs.

There is, for the most part, no known way for a Shroudling to die. They can become badly wounded, but they don’t take on mortal wounds. In such a case, a Shroudling will cross over into the Mir'ror.

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