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Willow Cole Silverwing

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Half Human. Half the mists or essence of magic (created by Silva Merlin)*
Age: Unknown, appears to be 25
Height: 5’ 6”
Long blonde hair
Green eyes
Comely to look at.
Scars: Half moon scar with star on left temple

Bondings: She is soul-bonded to Drake Silvering her husband and bonded to Mira Blackthorn-Badb Catha

*Willow was created by her father, so that the woman he truly loved could have a child. He took the essence of magic that was from himself and played with science and magic together and placed that creation within his wife's womb.  Thus Willow was formed.  She has the human framework and genes of her mother and within that framework flows the essence of magic and time that came from the make up of Silva or should we say Merlin. 

(Shields are always up - the only one who can penetrate those shields is Drake.  )

A wee bit of history:
Willow had been traveling for a period of time until she came upon the Dragon Inn where she had lived for some time. She is the owner of the Inn after Galain Alcarin turned it over to her. She is also the last of the Merlin's and will be discovering just what that means as she begins her new adventures with her knight.

Before coming to the Land of Merlin, Willow had been living what she felt was a normal life on Terra when one day an old gentleman visited her bearing a strange tale and a beautiful necklace. He convinced her to follow him through a portal and she has never found her way back. The necklace for whatever reason ended up belonging to Galain and his family. Willow gave it to him. Realizing later that it had just been a ruse to get her to follow the old gentleman, who she found out was her mentor, Salem the trusted friend of her father.

There are bits of time Willow cannot account for.  She has no memories  of being a teenager.  Salem will tell you it was because he kept her in a globe and in mist form.  But, there could be other reasons, ones Salem doesn't want to deal with or talk about.

Willow had spent most of her time alone with no special person in her life until one night at the Hall of Imladris, in Berelath, she threw caution to the wind and asked the knight Drake Cole Silverwing to dance. Her life since then has begun a new adventure. Falling deeply and totally in love with this man she agreed to be his wife and accepted a pendant that binds her to him. Only black magic can nullify the properties of the pendant and no one can take it off of Willow, except Willow herself and she is unaware of that at this time. (There will be one time that she believes the pendant has been taken from her neck, she will later discover it was an illusion though dark magic.)

By wearing the pendant she also became a Knight of the Crystal Rose.

Personal traits:
Willow basically is a shy person, finding it hard to greet people and just make general talk. Owning the Dragon Inn has caused her to be more outgoing, though she can only deal with this for short periods of time before having to disappear. Now she can slip away to the Cottage that Drake built for her, spending her time with him and her drawings. She loves adventure and values true friendship for it can be priceless.

Her wedding day was February 14 (2003 Terran Time).

Parents and family:
Father - Silva (or Merlin himself)  Merlin
Mother - Cryssi Merlin

She had not seen her parents since she was five. Drake and Salem take her to where she was born to find anything they can about her parents. The end result being that they discover her father is living within a domed area in an unknown region and her mother is dead. Here Willow learns the truth of what her father is and what she is.

She was told for years that Aspen Hawk was her half sister, who looks upon her as a nuisance. Later it is discovered that Aspen is not her sister nor anyway related to Willow.

Upon her marriage to Drake she was bonded to a dragon egg, the son of Silverwing, and who becomes the adopted son of Drake.


Daughter - Xaria "Sierra" Cole Silverwing (2004)
Aramere(Aran) Drake Silverwing - Dragon, son of Silverwing (2004)
Dara Cole – Stepdaughter /Drake and Gwen’s daughter (2005)
Marcus Ethan Cole Silverwing (1/2006)

Willow magic can be liken to that of the ancient druids. The magic she possesses comes from the elements of the world she was created on. Without her human form she would be no more than a mist, particles of the elements used to form her that came from her father.

She has the following abilities:
~Power over weather
~Shape shifting
~Invisibility (though she can also disappear through the use of the pendant that Drake gave her.)
~She can also create illusions and will soon learn the use of hypnotic suggestion against anyone who tries to harm those she loves
~Willow can heal those who are wounded and has done so in the past.
~Able to leave her human body for short periods of time.
The medallion is capable of forming a liquid armor around its wearer.
(Will she use any of these abilities...only if pushed.)

Things to be aware of:

If she had to or was forced to, she could destroy and recreate the World of Merlin.  She is only answerable to the gods and goddesses that are in her multiverse. Time is in her control and now that of Drake’s if he so wishes.

~The pendant is capable of withstanding the greatest of blows from any weapon, and holds magical properties that slows the aging process, giving the wearer the ability of staying young forever.
~The pendant also passes on it's magical abilities to the wearer, giving them magic passed down from each fallen Knight that's used it before.
~Drake had her medallion made from his friend's, Mitch.
~By wearing this pendant she also knows if Drake is not being truthful.

There is more…though she didn’t want to deal with it until the Sha ‘tris pulled it out of her in Diirlathe. See below.

At the Tourney at Diilathe Drake opened himself totally to Willow, hiding almost nothing from her. The reason I say almost nothing is he later opens up to her about his hurts and frustrations of the Killing Field. She has opened herself totally to him, hiding nothing, yet there are areas within her that have yet to be unlocked.

Through their bonding some of the essence of Willow’s magic was left within Drake, giving him the ability to draw upon her magic.

Her so called sister Aspen, who is half fae also has a natural magic, and the magic of the faes. Both are the same yet different. Update 12/2006 – Aspen I not related to Willow.  She has found the truth that her mother was pregnant before falling in love with Merlin.

See Merlin Mythos.


Updated 2.2005 to reflect what happen between Willow and Sha ‘tris at the Pit at Dirrlathe.

Copyright Willow (Merlin) Cole Silverwing aka Dee Mathews

The following explains a bit more about Willow. . . a Willow who does not want to be like the Sha’tris…yet part of her is.

The Future in their Hands - Sha'tris Thy'sn

Laer Drae Sar'da

"Why not speak openly, sister?" A gale of wind, a sandstorm howled through the air and came to swirl before Willow, "Why not speak to me as an equal, with your mortal voice? Are you ashamed to speak where these mortals can hear?" Within the sandstorm whorled a nebulous scene, things Willow would remember from her early youth, "And I play only so dangerous a game as necessary." The sand sprayed high, funneled upwards and spread across the tightly closed roof of the Pit, "Behold..." Sha'tris voice rolled like thunder through the entire pit and curled around everyone there, "you could stop me, but to what end? The Keep already falls." Vision after vision of destruction and despair played out overhead on a moving screen of beige grains, "You are no more a danger to me than the Aethyr of Whispin is, for you are born of power, of magic, we are sisters, you and I. And what affects your sister, affects you. Nargus knows what I am now...and if he takes the throne back, how long can I stand against him? How long can I hold against his mate, his daughter? How long before he come seeking the deaths of those allied to Araxmarr?"

A rain of golden grains then cascaded down upon those below, "In the Keeps darkest hour of need, Willow, Morwen, Cayde... Salador... YOU and the Lost Legion will be a much, much needed surprise. The final battle approaches. They must be brought to the fullness of their awareness, their skills... their very lives depend on it, as does my own."

The ground in the Pit began to shake, and sand began to well up, sift downward, and in the center of the Pit rose the Tower of the NeutralLands, the Dark Tower, the seat of all that was black and cruel about Sha'tris. As the sands melted, the Legion was revealed to be standing, fully armed and armoured, just as they'd been the day they'd fallen prey to the temptations of the Tower and the evil that dwelled within.

"Look to the Legion for entrance, look to one another for redemption, for only together can the Tower be mastered."

With those words, the illusion was complete. Cayde, Morwen and Salador stood before the Tower, a scene which was so terribly wrong, for Sha'tris hadn't cast an illusion at all, but brought the Tower to the Pit itself. No market rings surrounded the towering edifice, no bustling crowd or shouting harkers broke the silence. Only the sound of wind through tall grass and endless plains where no sun shone, no moons hung, broke the stillness, and the horizon itself was little more than a smudge of green grass meeting blue sky, far in the impossible distance.

------text omitted-------

Willow did not like being called sister. Yet her soul knew that what was said was true. They were sisters in the sense that has been stated. But to hear it expressed caused a chill in her soul. She didn’t want to deal with the power that she had within her. She didn’t want it to surface, not surface at least the way it was in Sha’tris. No, not this way. The magic within her churned to spring forth and combine with Sha’tris. It took all the control she had to stand there and stare out and watch the games play out before her.

She would hold herself thus, she would stand strong by Drake, no one else and only where he directed. No one else. Turning she stared at Sha’tris, “You wish me to speak aloud. Okay. You call me sister. Your are right in the sense of what we process. The magic, but here it ends. There is a difference. There is the human part of me. That part which holds me to Drake. There is that difference.” She stared out at her knight and became silent. Watching. It had taken a lot to concede, to agree that yes, they were sisters in the sense of the magic.

"That's more like it, sister." Sha'tris had returned, a feminine figure of ever shifting sand, and was seated beside Willow. "These are not games, dearest Willow, but tests." Willow's thoughts were as an open book on the woman's face, "Tests are meant to be difficult, to prove what a mortal is made of, what they are capable of, where they will fail, and when. Do not consider this a game, but a proving ground. Watch... already, your Knight is aware of the test, he knows he must succeed, and will be stronger for it. Ah, now, this group? They are just beginning the test. Let us watch, and hope they pass, shall we?"

------text omitted-------

Revelations - The Pit

Laer Drae Sar'da

Willow felt as if her heart had been pierced as she stood watching Drake, feeling his every emotion as he pulled from her magic. He would destroy many in this action but in her soul she knew it would not be enough. History would not, could not be changed. Tears rolled down her face as she felt his blindness, his frustration as Silverwing headed towards the sorcerer.

If history had changed she would not be standing there. Her voice barely audible, “You will get your revenge my love, in time.” Her body shook as she silently cried, tears streaming from her eyes.

“This borders on cruelty Sha’tris.” With an oath, “May you feel the same pain, may you truly understand what Drake has just gone through for a second time! I don’t care if we are a part of the force you need to win your battles…this was cruel.”

Willow turned and glared at the being next to her…, “We may be sisters, but thank the gods I do not have the cruelty, the obsession to be the only one that is right like you do. The are other ways to get what you need without ripping at their souls.”

"Cruel? What you behold, Willow, is the crucible, the heart of the forging fire. Would it be more cruel, to open this arena and cast them out into the battle that rages? You do not know what stands outside this pit." Sha'tris' head angled to the side in a shower of golden sand, "Behold, Willow. I show you this Keep as it has become, as this entire would will be, should the Emperor lose this stronghold... and to keep it, he will need your help, and the help of those I now temper with pain and fear."

The walls of the pit shimmered, became transparent, and revealed the Keep, burnt and smoldering under the light of two moons. The scent of the ever burning funeral pyres filled the arena, and the bodies of those yet to burn were already bloating from the heat and decay that was setting in.

"There are children dead. There are parents lost, lovers maimed. The war machine that is Nargus now has Mira. He has the Illinsaad from his son, Akavian, and will soon have Mira's. He seeks to regain the rest of his shattered soul. The Emperor is still blind, his sight taken by Galain Alcarin. His kind now know that, and they smell defeat on the Horizon." As the scene of the Keep appeared, the cracking, popping sound of stone collapsing echoed through the stands and yet another tower began to teeter, then slowly drop. It crumbled in on itself with a billow of dust and soot, "Nargus now holds the NeutralLands, unknown to those in it, and he has possession through his mate of the Silver forest. The Diirlathe stands by sheer force of will, and the Humans will be quick and easy meal for the Blacks under Nargus' command. Cruel? You do not know the meaning of the word, Willow. You know the dictionary definition. You know it as it is applicable in YOUR life. What will happen if I release these within the Pit, untempered, and before the time is right, will give you a new meaning of the word, and Willow, sister, I do. not. want. that."

------text omitted-------

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