Character Details - Eirvin Kennyr'Tlithar

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EirvinEirPhysical Description:

Eirvin Kennyr'Tlithar

Meaning of Name:
Sharp Storm Sworn to Victory

Tuatha De Dia


Apparent Age (if different):


280 lbs (terran)/brickshit house

Short, chestnut brown

one green one blue


*Identifying Marks (if present):
Three long scars down his back from an encounter with Athansuis, missing middle finger on his left hand
Clothing: trim fitted pants and shirts, things that let him move with ease without hampering either his movements or his magic.

Personal Items usually carried:
Aruinnbith silver knife that is more than what it seems, the knife itself is dull to the touch but put it against a weave and it willl cut through it like butter. There are only two of them available, and those that claim to do the same thing are forgeries and will most likely explode upon first use. The knife is old the handle is bone and well used and belonged to Jalyn and has passed through the family to Eir.

Personal Information:

Serious and a bit too practical, Eirvin is not the most approachable person at first meeting. He can be standoffish and a bit suspect of those who are too open and friendly. He's very protective of his little brother, and family in general. His standoffish behaviour hides a separate part of him that not many outside his closest family know. That's the way he likes it.

Aprentice Mage and Prince of Draenthaw

*Skills and Abilities:
Aruinnbith weave magic. He's always had a knack since early childhood and spent his formative years learning from some of the greatest masters of the age. He's particularly well versed in battle weaves, but there isn't a weave out there he can't make even if it is decidedly weak.
*Weapons Used:
magic, he was taught to use both blade and bow but he doesn't like them, in fact he usually avoids them.

Background Information:
Born second of twins, Eir wasn't expected to survive the day. His twin Arivin died six hours after birth, and Eir was expected to follow him. Twins are both rare and sacred on Aruinnbith, it is the perfect split of one soul. When Arivin died Eir should have died also from the shock of losing that part of his soul. But he clung to life if barely in those following weeks. Born with two green eyes one eye changed blue, signifying that Eir didn't lose all of his soul.

But the boy was serious even as a child he was too serious. He threw himself into his studies, thriving as he learned everything he could. It wasn't until he was old enough to understand that he was told about his twin. Years passed and he grew into a rather serious elf, becoming the protector of his sister after her birth. He cried the night she was born, he was one of the first to see the mark of Athansuis on her forehead. The mixed blessing left him angry, and shaken.

It seemed death was intent on taking his siblings away one by one. He watched Casma grow and on her 150th birthday he tried to fool the god of death. To no avail, he ended up angering him instead, and suffered for it several times over. He has three scars down his back because of what happened.

During his fourteen hundredth year, another child was born, Tahlemar. Eir made it his mission to protect the boy from everything he could. The assumption that the boy was blind, was ludicrious but the clerics all believed it, even his parents. Still Eir treated Tahl no differently than he did his sister. He was just happy that death seemed to be ignoring them for now.

It was Eir that saved Tahl's neck from every scrape the boy ended up falling into head first. It was Eir that found out where the rogue clerics had taken the boy when he was twelve. It was Eir that knew exactly how much Kor meant to his brother, and he also knew the pain his brother would suffer if something was allowed to happen. He was there when his brother learned to fight, he was there when they found out Tahl's reaction to weave magic.

He was the one who found the after math of the battle that claimed Kor's life, he found Tahl's sword. He was also the one that refused to believe his brother was gone. He spent forty years searching every nook and crany that Aruinnbith had to offer, he employed an extensive network of spies in every port, in every city, in every dung heap he could find, scouring for one single clue.

He was also the one to find Tahl, and drag him back kicking and screaming. He forced his brother's memory to return, and in doing so found out of the tri bond Tahl had with Kor, and had lost.

Currently he's training to become advisor to the thrown and will take that position formally upon his brother's coronation, whenever that day occurs.

*Marital Status:
dating Alick Ma'Kell



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