Character Details - Tahlemar Kennyr'Tlithar

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tahlPhysical Description:

Tahlemar Kennyr'Tlithar

Meaning of Name:
Blade honour sworn to victory

Tuatha De Dia (elf)

795 (as of Cracked Mirror)

Apparent Age (if different):


230 lbs (terran)




*Identifying Marks (if present):
scars from training with both blade and bow, a tribal tattoo on his lower back in an elaborate knot work.

Comfortable pants, either leather or made of fine Tar'Amael skin. High end shirts of soft Alferel wool, anything comfortable or fitting his station

Personal Items usually carried:
sword when he needs one.

Personal Information:

Capable and strong Tahl is a warrior through and through. Honest and trustworthy, he has a carefree smile and a kind heart. Young still for an elf of his people he will not reach adulthood until his 600th year, and while for the most part Tahl comes across as mature and well put together there are times, specifically if he is hanging around his siblings to let a bit of immaturity take over. He is afterall still young.

Crown Prince/sailor

*Skills and Abilities:
non magical, Tahl has been trained in both blade and bow becoming an accomplished in both, while still young this ability will only grow with experience. He is trained in several forms of hand to hand combat, and is very strong.

*Weapons Used:
sword and bow, also handy with daggers

Background Information:

Oddly enough he is not the first born son of his family, he is however the first child born with neither magical ability nor was he blessed by the gods at his birth. Thus leaving him heir apparent to all his family's fortune. A duty not taken lightly. After acheiving adulthood he will be put in charge of three of the families vinyards, along with their trading. He has studied from the time he was a young boy, learning to take over what his father manages. While he will get the lion's share of the wealth and prestige, he also has a greate responsibilty taking care of those of his siblings that were chosen. He had two older siblings, a brother Eirvin, and a sister, Casma, both accomplished mages, strong in their power, and well into adulthood.

*Marital Status:


dead bond to Kor at this time

Tahl was born with what is referred to as weave blindness. He is unable to be around anyone casting elven weave magic without running the risk of going completely blind. His perceptions of the world are skewed because of this, and like his great great grandfather, he sees the world differently than those around him. He confuses taste and touch, sight and sound. In terran terms he was born with Synesthesia. Because of his perceptions he tends to wear gloves to avoid some rather unfortunate side effects. He doesn't mind seeing the world as he does in fact he doesn't know any better, but still he has his days.

Synesthesia (Greek, syn = together + aisthesis = perception) is the involuntary physical experience of a cross-modal association. That is, the stimulation of one sensory modality reliably causes a perception in one or more different senses. Its phenomenology clearly distinguishes it from metaphor, literary tropes, sound symbolism, and deliberate artistic contrivances that sometimes employ the term "synesthesia" to describe their multisensory joinings.

Because of synesthesia Tahl can sometimes see colours around people, this doesn't represent the person and it doesn't mean he's empathic on any level, the colours are arbitrary as well as any sensations he might get from a voice. Not only this it doesn't happen with all people all the time.

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