Character Details - Tynan Hashimoto

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Character Name:  Tynan Hashimoto  (AKA: Ty)

Character Age:  19 years old

Character’s Birthday:  Dec. 23, 1985 (Earth Time)

Character’s Race:  ½ Japanese American - Human/1/2 Incubus

Character’s Homeworld:  Earth

Character’s Occupation: Librarian/fulltime parent

Character’s Marital Status:  Mated (Mate is Mael Rishon-Chaim-Gersham)

Character’s Children:  Twins, five months old:  Anarórë Adara Gin Vennassë (daughter) and Kado Aiten Kuro Rauko (son)

Character’s Phyical Description:
Height: 6’ 2”, Weight: 176 lbs.  There is an almost mysterious, ethereal quality to Tynan, the young man tall, lithe, and graceful.  He’s very fine featured, and yet masculine in the same breath.  His baby fine hair, waist length, is an unusual shade of purplish black, adding to the mystifying air about him.  But, Tynan’s eyes are what capture people’s hearts.  Smoldering orbs of rich sapphire blue glimmering with unspoken knowledge, eyes fringed so thickly with long, luxurious black lashes many believe he wears black eyeliner.  He favors traditional Japanese clothing, but can just as often be found wearing skintight black leather pants or jeans and loose flowing shirts.

Character’s Personality: Tynan tends to be a very quiet soul, a young man who enjoys watching people, studying them, and learning from their mistakes.  When he does speak he’s often so soft spoken he’s hard to hear, Ty never raising his voice in anger or yelling.  A very laid back individual, he’s difficult to anger or even irritate, taking most things with a grain of salt.  And, yes, he is gentle by nature, but do not mistake that as weakness.  Tynan is very well trained, and fully capable of defending himself...and his temper is lethal for those poor fools who do push him too far.  Although naturally a trusting person, life has taught him otherwise, Tynan wary of strangers.

Character's Background:   Tynan was estranged from his family at the young age of 16, his parents simply refusing to accept his way of life.  Despite the sorrow the loss cause he was determined to change for no one, to be the person he truly was within.  A point of view fueled by his lover, a man he met and fell in love with when he was only fifteen, Mikail.  Unfortunately, not only was Mikial a little more than twice his age, 32 years old, but he changed drastically when Tynan moved in with him after Ty’s family disowned him.  Almost over night he became insanely jealous, obsessive, and often abusive, a beautiful dream becoming a dark nightmare Ty wasn’t so foolish as to believe would go away.  After almost a year of the severe abuse Ty left his first lover, but things did not end there.  In short, Mikial is now in prison...for stalking and attempting to kill him.  Tragically, although he attempted to move on with his life…Ty soon found himself in yet another abusive relationship, this one far worse, terrifying more unstable then Mikial.  Again, he was able to escape no worse for wear, but after a third abusive relationship Ty turned inward, becoming relatively reclusive, distrusting his judgment when it came to men.

That is until a chance meeting with Keiden (Mael Rishon-Chaim-Gersham) in a coffee shop near his apartment.  Their first few hours together were bizarre, to say the least, but there was no denying the deep connection between them.  A bound that only strengthened when Nathanael, Keiden’s father, attacked Ty in an effort to prove to his son how weak and utterly human’s were.  Quite the opposite happened, Keiden whisking Ty away to his mother’s home, a place the two hoped to live in peace.  Some wishes simply cannot be granted, for Nathanael tracked them down shortly thereafter, placing a collar on Keiden that rendered the formally powerful Schi all but helpless.  It was in the next fateful moments that a secret was revealed, one not even Tynan was aware of.  His desperation, his love for Keiden, his need to protect his lover, and his fear for Keiden’s safety shattered whatever chains held down his Incubus half.  In seconds Ty underwent a transformation in personality that still astounds him, the young man immediately setting out to seduce Nathanael.  A seduction that went no further than a soul searing kiss, the Anaisi falling willingly and helplessly to Ty, loosing his life and soul in the process.

Their lives did not become any easier with the death of Nathanael.  In anything, things became more complicated, more troublesome, Ty becoming a very sought after human by enraged Anaisi.  Although Riel, formally Keiden’s enemy, helped the young couple, Tynan’s gentle soul had a great deal of difficulty accepting that he’d murdered a man.  The battles that followed took Ty far from his beloved Keiden, the youth fighting for his life, his sanity, his very soul by the end of it all.  However, Keiden and Ty were reunited, the lover’s swearing never to leave the other’s side ever again.

Understandably Keiden became very protective of Ty, even going so far as refuse to allow Tynan to learn how to control his Incubus half with Riel’s help.  The end result they discovered just a few days later, rather shockingly so.  Because his Incubus nature runs rampant Ty accidentally fed on his beloved Keiden’s soul.  Not so much as to endanger Keiden’s life, but…two pieces of the Schi’s spirit took firm hold within Ty, the miracle of life occurring in the most unexpected of way.  In otherwords…Tynan was ‘pregnant’ with twins.  The discovery could not have made the couple happier, three months later Keiden and Ty becoming mating in a small ceremony that was a beautiful mixture of Japanese and Schi cultures.  Six months later…with Anael and Riel’s help (ah…the miracles of modern medicine – a c-section…and the blessing of Anaisi and Schi magic), the twins were born to parents who could not have been more ecstatic.  That was five months ago, Keiden and Ty never more devoted to each other, their love thriving, both dedicated to their beautiful twins.  Although, due to Keiden’s continued…and quite adamant refusal for Ty to learn to control his Incubus half…there is no doubt there are more children in their future.

Character's Abilities:  Tynan was unaware of the fact he is half Incubus until shortly after he met his mate, Keiden.  Due to this he has very little understanding of what he is, or of what he can do.  However, Ty is fully aware of his ability to seduce anyone he chooses and steal their soul from them in a single kiss.  Fortunately…he had no desire to unless someone is threatening Keiden, their twins, Foalan, or even Riel, Anael, and Anael’s young son, Kegan, those he counts as family.  Nor is he in complete control even when he commits this act.  The rest of his abilities, at this point and time, remain a mystery.  Simply be aware that he is half demon, and while he’s gentle natured and very kind hearted…Ty becomes lethal when pushed in or corner or those he loves are threatened.  

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