Character Details - Jyri

Written by FoalanCreated : 2-Sep-2005 8:04:55 am
Last Edited : 3-Sep-2005 11:22:17 am

Name: Jyri
Race: demon (incubi)
Age: unknown (apparent age 19)
Build: Lithe, slim
Height: 5'10
Chestnut Brown
eyes: Green

Scars and Markings: none

Personality: Odd combination of sensuality and innocence. Jyri will do almost anything for pleasure and to please someone, especially those who are above him. For an incubus he is still very young. When he has a master he is completely loyal almost to a fault.
Young and impetious, Jyri prefers to be around humans more than his own kind. Not that he won't be seen with a demon on occasion but his submissive nature tends to lead him to be almost subserviant around other demons. His own nature leads him to be around humans, even when he's not necessarily feeding.

Background: Once he was able he moved into the city, staying for the most part alone, making his way as best he could.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

artwork, unknown author