Character Details - Tilye Theris

Written by GhetsuhmCreated : 30-Aug-2005 5:37:45 am
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Name: Tilye Theris
Race: TIF Human
Age: early sixties
Apparent Age: around forty
Height: 5'11"
Build/Weight: Lean, lightly muscled
Hair: Medium red, shoulder length, with a tendency to fall in her face
Eyes: Green
Complexion: Slightly tan, freckled

Tilye Theris is a TIF Commodore with the Diplomatic service. She is 5'11", lean, with green eyes and red hair. Her demeanour is open and friendly, but there's a definite air of iron determination underneath it.

Tilye is sixty and has served in the TIF since her twenties. (By current human standards, she looks about forty.) She is dedicated to the service, and her shipmates are her family. She's had no long-term romantic attachments, but it's not something she's deliberately avoided, or something she feels she lacks. She loves her job and feels she makes a real difference in what she does. She's open and curious about other people and cultures and genuinely wants to find out what makes them tick. She has an almost childish delight in learning new things.

An ex-diplomat and still serving in the Diplomatic Branch of the TIF, Tilye has a linguichip in her head. This allows her to acquire new languages with frightening speed. Because the TIF only allows one chip per brain, she has no command chip, which may make progress to Admiral difficult for her.

If she can, Tilye will dress according to local custom on a planet. On board ship or in her official capacity, she will wear TIF uniform - black boots and trousers, and a dark blue shirt featuring the open hand and crossed olive branches of the diplomatic corps and four gold stripes on the sleeves denoting her rank.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Allison Janney