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Cae DosekPhysical Description
Name: Cae Dosek
Race: Aerdonian Black Dragon, pure blood
Age: see timeline
Apparent Age:

Dragon Appearance:
Colour: Sooty black scales
Eyes: Black-Ruby
Length: 60 ft, str (snout to rump)
Wingspan: 90 ft

Human Appearance:
Hair: Black hair that is shaved at the sides and worn long at the back, often in three or four shoulder-length dreadlocks
Eyes: Black-Ruby
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 300 Standard Terran pounds, or 21.4 stone
Build: Muscular
Markings: Like all members of the Black Guard, regardless of Rank and Seniority, Cae is 'marked' with the Blackthorn Crest (a ring of black thorns with the rampant dragon in the centre) on his right shoulder blade and his body is a roadmap of pride-scars.

Personal Information
Personality: belligerent, hard headed and malicicious
Rank: Sargtlin Renor, a glorified arrowcatcher in the Black Guard
Skills and Abilities: In addition to his natural ability to form blades and spikes from his own scale in two-legger form, Cae is able to use fire as a breath weapon. He is also gifted by his goddess and god with the Flame. This gift is cast from the hand. In two-legger form Cae will generally fight with a war axe or war hammer.
Weapons: War Axe or War Hammer

Background Information
Marital Status: Lover of Loril Datari
Bonds: Blood-bond to Araxmarr Zavern Sar'da and Black Guard
Children: None
Brief History: The identical twin brother of Kalleth Dosek, a rare thing amongst the Kin for whom twins are common but rarely identical, Cae is belligerent, hard headed and malicious even by Black standards, something often blamed on inbreeding by others in the Guard whom seldom miss an opportunity to wind them up about the close relationship their Sire had with his half-sister. He and his brother were born in an isolated House Minor possessed of little wealth yet one that had a reputation for an almost antiquated code of honor nonetheless. No one really remembers the exact day the pair arrived at the Keep, as they were just two of the many younger sons and daughters of the Houses to ‘do their time’ as soldiers in Nargus’ armies.

As identical twins, the pair were raised with the antiquated belief they were destined to be born to serve Ghauld, the Lord of Destruction. Identical twins are considered Ghauld’s sacred gift and were to be raised honoring him alone, regardless of what deity their birth House honored.

They are a  perfect example of the differences between Sargtlin Renor, the black warriors, the grunts of the Imperial Guard, and their superior officers. Bestial and savage, the Sargtlin operate on instict and desire, rather than logic and method and as such are a prime example of what Nargus' entire army had been before Araxmarr had forced them into accepting discipline. One of the greatest, and most on-going, challenges of the Captains and Lieutenants is keeping the arrow-catchers of the Guard in line.

Other Information:
  • His heart and organs are in a reverse position from Humans and other humanoids, all Aerdon Dragons have a heart located on the RIGHT side of their body, and all single organs are also located on the reverse side.

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