Character Details - Vierna Silinrul

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Name: Vierna Silinrul
Meaning: Dark Spirit of the Hunter
Race: Aerdonian Black Dragon, pure blood
Rank: Member of the House of Silinrul, a Black House Major
Age: 6200 at the time of Laer Drae Sar'da

Dragon Appearance:
Colour: Onyx-black scales
Eyes: Aquamarine Blue
Length: Apprx. 35 ft snout to rump
Wingspan: Apprx. 52.5 ft wingspan

Human Appearance:
Hair: Copper-red, Shoulder-length
Eyes: Aquamarine Blue
Height: 5' 4"
Build: Petite


Personality: Fiery, outspoken and passionate


Other Information:

The youngest child of the second clutch, Vierna is the daughter of the current Vor'ill of House Silinrul, Barak, and his mate, Meriah Inidil. Her only hatchmate is her brother, Belgos, with whom she clashes constantly.

Like many of the Black Kin, Vierna has 'experimented' and has several one night stands in her past, but her one significant relationship was with her cousin, Erinya Dhaunae. This was ended by Erinya during the time known as the Inquisitions as she felt that Vierna, prone to careless speech during moments of anger, was a danger, both to herself and her lover. Unable to tell her the truth, Erin chose instead to allow Vierna to believe that the reason for their break-up was personal rather than political, and for a long time the redhead chose to believe that Erin was in fact the lover of either Araxmarr Zavern Sar'da or Daemonorel Ashev, something that was not the case. Whilst she no longer believes this to be true, she is still antagonistic to Erinya.

As is normal for the younger sons and daughters of the noble Houses, Vierna was drafted into the service of the Imperium upon reaching the Millennia Mark (1000 years of age) which is the Age of Majority amongst the Kin, and served the mandatory 5000 years, in her case in the aerial division of the House Guard. She then chose to leave the Imperial service and return to her House.

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