Character Details - Lennox MacCallistor

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LenWritten spefically for Nocturne

Lennox MacCallistair
Age: 26
Gender: male
DOB: April 27
Eye Colour: dark chocolate brown
Hair Colour: deep chestnut
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 258
Nationality: Scottish
Occupation: bounty hunter
Personality: In a word, cold. He is calculating and fierce with a mean streak, and a temper. The quieter he is the angrier he is. Silence around him, usually means death. Underneath the cold, hides a depply passionate man, who is very possessive but just as loving. He is very jealous, and has a hard time trusting anyone but himself

Appearance: built like a brick shit house, he is no slouch. He is very muscular, considering he spends his life trying to catch crimminals any way he can. His hair is short only to the nape of the neck and is raggedly cut. His eyes are very cold despite the color. They lost all warmth long ago. he prefers jeans and t-shirts not hating too much clothing, it gets in the way.

Background: Lennox grew up the only child of a loving mother and father until the age of 4 when his mother died leaving him and his father alone. His father's life was crushed the loss of his wife undoing him, he took to drinking, barely paying attention to Len who looked so much like his mother. Life was difficult and lonely in those years but he still loved his father, guilty that he wished for a time when his mother was alive.

At the age of 13 his father seemed to be getting better taking him on a trip to Ireland. he had been six months sober and had been making real progress when something happened. Len still doesn't know what sent his father back to drinking only that it happened with tragic consequences. One day as they were driving his father plastered out of his mind, they got into a car accident. Len the only survivor. He doesn't remember anything but as a result there is a large scar that goes from the nape of his neck to the back of his right knee. He awoke three weeks later in the hospital and once better was sent to foster care. If anything the foster family was worse. At the age of 14 Len was a normal if quiet child, but that all changed. The family he was with taking delight in finding ways to torture him. The father and the three brothers, sodomizing him, beating him, raping him. Three years he suffered, running away at the age of 17 his reaction was to die inside. He cut off his feelings and found a way to survive any way he could. For a short time selling himself to survive. At the age of 18 he was saved by a very controlling man. He taught Len how to fight, to live and in a way to love. During this time he became aware of a small resistance group against the Seriphii and Demonii that were now taking over their world. Joining the ranks of those who fought both sides, he was trained to fight, to survive and to not trust those who would and could destroy him.

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