Character Details - Tiwele Modar

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Name: Tiwele Modar

Race: Corinian Human and Ali-Maera

Age: 12 at death during <i>The Awakening</i> (Whispin)

Parents: Tallin and Mystical Modar

Siblings: Alatariel Modar (twin), Amilyn D'Riel, Melaina Alcarin, Conlan Alcarin

Tiwele is very much a character in development.  In current stories, he and his twin Alatriel are young children and not much is known about them.  In fact, the only ones who've seen them, aside from their parents, are Vanyalin D'Riel, Tyrel Alcarin and Amilyn D'Riel. 

Both children are very strong, though in different areas.  Alatriel is much more like her father, an evil genius in development.  Tiwele is more the brute strength of the two.  Their parents chose the names, both elven in origin, as a bit of a twisted joke.  Tallin has a deep hatred of elves, and so they have chosen two of the darkest words in any Elvish tongue to name their children.

Tallin killed the twins to punish Mystical for her interferance in his plans.

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