Character Details - James Circe

Written by Ghetsuhm

Written only at Mystic Shoals

James Circe is a mysterious figure who lives on his own private island with his staff and his ward, Jedrie. He is known to be immensely wealthy and jealous of his privacy. What isn't largely known is that he is a powerful elemental magician who can harness the seas around his island to his own purposes. "He" has lived nearly forever and taken many forms over that time. He is capable of changing form at will, but has been comfortable with this one for several hundred years now. At present he is a strongly built man, about 6'4" tall, with curly black hair and black eyes - the eyes are always black, whatever the form; he either cannot or will not change them.

Circe appears quite genial and hospitable, but never quite loses the dangerous edge that betrays the temper underneath. Like the sea, he can seem placid, but a storm is always in the offing. The only genuine gentler emotion he seems to possess is his love for Jedrie, of whom he is very protective.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Colin Firth