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NynevePhysical Description:
Preferred Name: Nyneve ben Drultagh
Meaning of Name: Enchanting Lady of the Lake
Birth Name: Nyneve Raven Naleos
Race: Telepcal/Sildanai
Age: 50,000 (as of The Orb of Mysteries)
Apparent Age (if different): Mid to late twenties
Height: 5' 9"
Build/Weight: Slender, hourglass
Hair: Naturally brown, waist length, curly
Eyes: Dark brown
Complexion: Tanned
Clothing: Nyneve can generally be found in a midriff bearing halter top of dark purple velvet with a gauzy sleeve of the same shade coving her right arm, and a skirt of the same material and shade. But she has been known to wear almost anything and adjusts to the environment that she is in.
Personal Items usually carried: --
Identifying Marks (if present): --

Personal Information:
Personality: Ambiguous
Occupation: Sorceress
Skills and Abilities: Fair hand at the sword, other information is still in progress.
Weapons Used: Scimitar or long sword when its needed

Background Information:
Blood or Soul Bonds: None
Marital Status: Mated: Chance Ralston Lyonesse
Children: Arylwren Greyoak
Brief History: Nyneve was born to Leitha Raven, the Watcher of the Sildanai and Luan Naleos, a Telepcal of Arlsyn. After the child's birth she was left in Luan's care as Leitha could see the child's future and her destiny could not be fulfilled if she stayed in her daughter's life. However, neither could Luan and it fell to him to find a caretaker for his daughter. She was given to Zarek ben Drultagh, a retired human warrior, when she was two years of age.

Nyneve’s destiny took her to Terra during the age of Chivalry where she was known by many names: Nineve, Nimue, and Niniane to name a few. In the final battle that raged, Nyneve selected warriors from the time of Arthur Pendragon that she did not want to die, once again for her own reasons, and brought them back to life before they were truly dead and they returned to Arlsyn with her where they took the last name of Lyonesse and in turn found a city of the same name.

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