Character Details - Zys Imath

Written by Mira Badb CathaCreated : 5-Aug-2005 4:17:41 pm
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Name: Zys Imath
Age: 1567 at the time of Tapestry of Legends, approximately 3600 during Scorched Earth
Race: Eheiling Nahrn Elf
Rank: Journeyman Navigator during ToL, a master during SE.
Height: 5' 8"
Hair Color: None. Zys is bald.
Eye Color: Ebony
Skin Color: Ebony

General Information:
Zys is an Eheiling Nahrn Navigator, a rank held only by Earth Mages. As a cousin race to the Eldredae Elves, most Eheiling Nahrn have some elemental magic skills. Earth and Fire are the male and first and second elements, air and water are the third and fourth, as well as female elements. Soul and Gaia are the fifth and sixth elements and while Soul is limited to females, Gaia is not. As an Earth Mage, Zys was taken into the apprentice Navigator programme at the age of 250 Aerdonian years, and passed the test into Journeyman status at the age of majority, 500 years.

Zys can speak common, and chooses not too, he is quiet and laughs easily. He is also skilled in a form of marital arts practiced only by the Eheiling Nahrn. His face and body are scarred from various accidents while out to 'sea' . As a desert dwelling elf, he does get nauseated, as do all Eheiling Nahrn, if he is in a humid environment for very long... needless to say, time on Whispin left him very queesy for months afterward.

Should you find him out during daylight hours, he will be wearing sand coloured, gauzy trousers, a short, sleevless vest of pale, sand coloured leather over which a drapery of the same gauze his trousers are made of.  This protects his skin from the intense rays of the sun.  Also, more than likely, he will be wearing something similiar to goggles with dark tinted lenses to protect his eyes.  Footwear consists of boots with heavy cleated soles which afford traction not only on the ship deck, but in loose sand should he find himself on the sands.

At night, his dress becomes more comfortable, and on Eheiling Nahrn ships, modest dress is only to protect the skin from exposure to the elements.  When night falls, Zys, like most Eheiling Nahrn - male or female, can be found topless and dressed in a white linen kilt, similar to those worn in Terran's dynastic Egypt.  Feet will be bare and more than likely you will find him with a gold hoop in both ears... the mark of his Master status.  If you are writing or reading in Tapestry of Legends, a story which takes place in earlier timelines, Zys will have only one hoop in his right ear, the mark of a Journeyman.

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