Character Details - Selkavain Kennyr'Tlithar

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SelkaPhysical Description:

Selkavain Kennyr'Tlithar

Meaning of Name:
High Dragon Spirit Sworn to Victory

Tuatha De Dia

638 (350 at the time of tapestry of Legends)

Apparent Age (if different):


toned/lithe 240 lbs (terran)


red with blue pupils


*Identifying Marks (if present):
Like his sister he a glyph over his third eye, only his is of his deity that of Aodh, invisible unless he is activating his powers.

Acolytes clothing, priests clothes

Personal Items usually carried:

Personal Information:

Where his sister is cool and calm, Selka is hot tempered and excitable. They are the exact opposites in everyway, she’s logical, he thinks with his heart, she’s quiet, he’s boisterous. Together though they are almost unstoppable, she tempers his anger, he stirs her passion.

*Occupation: Cleric of Aodh

*Skills and Abilities:
Like his sister he has a separate form, one of complete flame. Unlike his sister he cannot survive without oxygen. He can create and manipulate any flame, he is impervious to heat and while the clerics of Aodh tend to be more sensitive to water and cold he is not because of his close tie with his sister he isn’t as weak. For the use of his gifts on other planets he must mediate a minumum of six hours (note this is not necessary on Aruinnbith as mediation is a natural part of the clerics daily life, he is constantly in touch with the core of Aruinnbith. Other planets he must mediate a minuimum of six hours before she can use her powers effectively. Once the first six hours are complete he is able to use his powers, although he must continue mediating during times of rest to keep up her strength. Over time, the more comfortable she becomes with the planet's core, the less time she needs to spend to immerse himself within it.) Like his sister his powers are still developing and while he can do things it is not wise for him to try as they weaken him greatly. Like all clerics he's been taught healing, portal and protection magic.

*Weapons Used:
Fire in several uses including becoming fire, creation of fire or just heat. This power is still growing and with time and practice will become more refind. The final ability he uses although hates is when he combines with his sister into a third form. Because of the twin bond they are the only clerics known to have ever done this, especially since they were given to opposite gods. The water form with it's blue fire core offers a mixture of both their abilities although it is new and very painful emotionally to join as one. The subsequent separation is akin to having one's soul ripped in two.

Background Information:

Once again born as omens of good fortune, Selka and Nas are twin souls, each the half of the other, uniting two temples that hadn’t been together in centuries. Even their powers meld together. Selka grew up very protective of his sister, always going to her defense, quick to strike he’s had his rear handed to him on more than one occasion. He’s learning though, albeit slowly to temper the fire in him with logic. Unfortunately his logic is his sister, just like he is his sister’s heart. Like Nas when he turned 150 Selka began to change, his sandy brown hair becoming true flame, his eyes mirroring the eternal fires of Aodh. His skin has taken the reddish hue of fire.

*Marital Status:


ethereal bond to Aodh

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