Character Details - Nasumvain Kennyr'Tlithar

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Physical Description:

Nasumvain Kennyr'Tlithar

Meaning of Name:
ancient Water spirit sworn to Victory

Tuatha De Dia

638 (350 as of Tapestry of Legends)

Apparent Age (if different):


Slim graceful toned

azure blue


pale blue

*Identifying Marks (if present):
She's blue, and she has a glyph on her forehead in the sign of the goddess Maya, this sign only appears when she's using her powers

acolyte's dress, or priestess clothes

Personal Items usually carried:

Personal Information:

Logical and precise, Nas is the epitome of control rarely losing her temper, in fact many wonder if she one. Part of that is due to intensive training, the rest her natural disposition, her element while one of the strongest forces one of the most fluid, calm and generally peaceful.

priestess of Maya

*Skills and Abilities:
the blessing of the water goddess allows for many different things. All clerics regardless of deity are bless with an alternate form, the goddess Maya has water for her form, Nas is able to transform into a being of pure water the only boundary on the power that she can only go where water can. She is able to find water in any amount regardless of where she is as long as she has mediated for six hours (note this is not necessary on Aruinnbith as mediation is a natural part of the clerics daily life, she is constantly in touch with the core of Aruinnbith. Other planets she must mediate a minuimum of six hours before she can use her powers effectively. Once the first six hours are complete she is able to use her powers, although she must continue mediating during times of rest to keep up her strength. Over time, the more comfortable she becomes with the planet's core, the less time she needs to spend to immerse herself within it. Water while seemingly weak is one of the strongest powers because of its patience; a single drip of water can split a rock with time. Her powers are still relatively new, and while she has the ability of channeling torrential rains she does not have the strength to hold that power for long. Like all Clerics she has been taught healing portal and protection magic.

*Weapons Used:
Water which includes calling storms (rare) finding water, her separate form, healing and portal weaves, and various other water abilites she's slowly learning, including the use of ice and mist although these abilities haven't formed as of Tapestry. The final ability she uses although hates is when she combines with her brother into a third form. Because of the twin bond they are the only clerics known to have ever done this, especially since they were given to opposite gods. The water form with it's blue core offers a mixture of both their abilities although it is new and very painful emotionally to join as one. The subsequent separation is akin to having one's soul ripped in two.

Background Information:

Born a twin with the sign of the water goddess on her forehead, Nas and her brother were a rare birth, especially when it became apparent that her brother had the sign of the fire god on his forehead. Especially since Maya and Aodh are thought to be twins. Nas was a quiet child, tempering her brother’s often short temper, protecting him as he protected her. Rarely did they leave each others company, the twins, bound not only by birth but by soul, sharing a unique bond, one that only grew as they grew up. When Maya hit puberty her gifts began to show, her hair, changing from the silken blonde it had been until her 150th year. Her green eyes changed to a bright Cyan, her pale skin taking on a faint bluish cast. Entering the temple of the water goddess as an acolyte she fell ill the first week, for the first time away from her brother. Upon receiving news that Sel was suffering a similar illness the twins were brought together, raised outside their respective temples until a joint temple was built; something that hadn’t been done for centuries the clerics of water and fire never getting along for any length of time. Destined to one day become the high priestess of Maya, Nas’ training had been especially difficult, although no more difficult than her brothers, the twins natural connection making them stronger when together, Maya able to feed her brother’s power, and vice versa.

*Marital Status:


ethereal bond with maya the water goddess.

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