Character Details - Isobel Ktral

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Name: Isobel K’Tral

Age: 125

Clan: Tiger

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 125 lbs

Hair Color: Black with red highlights

Eye Color: Blue

Body Build: Sleek & Muscular

Life: Aer’Hon (1)

Bonds: Feil’Lo ~ X’Hart K’Tral (father), Aer’Fei’Kno ~ Keinan K’Tral (brother)

Marks & Locations:

Left Palm: aerfeiknoglif This mark is a light orange scare that sits dead center of Isobel’s left palm to signify the Aer’Fei’Kno bond she shares with her brother Keinan. Its lines are extremely fine making it barely noticeable unless it is looked upon directly.

Appearance: Isobel like all of her race is covered by a soft, short, velvet like pelt with the exception of the palms of her hands and the soles of her feet. Those areas are covered in an equally soft expanse of skin. Standing five foot ten she is considered average height for a felinumeara female. The orange and onyx stripes of her pelt cover the majority of her sleek well-muscled frame. The exceptions are the tip of her nose, which is black, the area around her mouth, which is white, and the white of her front that starts as a point at the hollow of her throat widening as it comes to ample chest continuing downward then beginning to narrow just under her navel gradually fading into a soft orange.

Silky black locks that show their reddish highlights when hit by the rays of the sun just right frame Isobel’s very beautiful fine Elvin like features. The fringe of sooty black lashes enhances the crystalline blue of almond shaped eyes. Full lush lips seem to beg to be kissed from beneath a slender nose. When she is home on CathEska she wears her hair lose cascading over tiger striped shoulders, however, when off world she will usually pull it back into a tight braid so that the ends just brush middle of her back. Normally felinumeara do not wear clothes though they will don garments if on another world where it is not appropriate to move about in public without clothing. Isobel prefers a soft boka (like deer) hide skirt of rust that comes to mid-thigh with slits up the side that come to a halt just under her hip and a matching bikini style top with ties about her neck and back as these allow for ease of movement insuring that if the need should arise she still as the ability to defend herself.

Demeanor: When at home Isobel moves about her people with a quite sort of grace that speaks of great self-assurance. She is not arrogant or prideful though she will not hesitate to look another in the eye. Along with this comes a gentle unconditional acceptance of others, their right to their own opinions, preferences, and beliefs. As all other members of her family, however, Isobel has no qualms with letting her thoughts be known or stepping in when she believes someone is wrong and is endanger of making a grave mistake. Her warm giving heart earns her friends wherever she goes whether it is within the network of villages of her people or off world. Believing that gaining a better understanding of all things brings acceptance and wisdom fuels her nearly insatiable curiosity bringing her great joy in learning and seeing knew places and things. Due to this her questions are seemingly endless as well as usually exhausting.

Isobel also believes fully in the three sacred weaving laws of her people. They are:

1) Never breed with any genus (among the felinumeara) other than your own.
~ Breeding outside the felinumeara race is not disobeying this law~

2) Kill only for food or in defense

3) Embrace each moment and live in it as if it were your last without bringing ill to others

As with all other members of her race Isobel will not lie, steal, manipulate, or other wise practice any form of deceitfulness. The felinumeara as a whole find these actions to be abhorrent not only morally but also on the most basic level of who they are. In the matter of questions if Isobel is asked a question whose answer will potentially break the third weaving law she will simply not answer or inform whomever she is speaking with that she will not answer the question on the grounds that it will cause her to act against the laws of her people. This, however, does not mean that felinumeara will not ever do these things, but if the do it would have to be a matter that would have catastrophic consequences if they did not.

Abilities: Proficient in the natural fighting style of the felinumeara; tooth and claw as well as the long knife, short sword, hand-to-hand, both short and long bows, and several different forms of martial style fighting Isobel is quite capable of taking care of herself. She is an excellent hunter/tracker and her prey seldom gets away. As do all felinumeara she has heightened senses of smell, hearing, and sight this last allows her to change from the normal spectrum of view to the infrared in the dark to pick out heat signatures. Along with her improved senses her felinumeara heritage also gives her remarkable dexterity and climbing abilities. As a Wanderer The Great Weaver has granted her the ability to open a portal directly into the middle of her village. Although some would consider this to be magic it is in fact not, but a God gift that does not follow the same laws of magic since the portal leads to one specific place.

History: Isobel if fairly young for a felinumeara. She has spent most of her life to this point in the central village learning with the Shia’s. It has only been in the last fifty years that she has been out of school having gone through her ceremony of Jumi much earlier than most others of her race for reasons that no one really understands except that The Great Weaver wanted it that way.

Upon the completion of Jumi and recognition of her status as an adult member of her people Isobel was assigned the occupation of Wanderer under the leader ship of her Aunt La’Tah. She has traveled to a totally of fifteen different worlds staying on each for varying periods of time until she feels she has learned all that she can. At that time she opens the portal returning to report all that she has learned so that it can be recorded and stored in The Great Library for future reference. Her most recent assignment has taken her to the Dark Haven Inn in the city of Draenthaw on the planet of Arüìnnbìth where she’s met a young half elf by the name of Fabian whose agreed to be her guide.

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