Character Details - Caitlin Challoner

Written by FluteCreated : 4-Jul-2005 12:42:21 am
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Physical description
Height : 5 feet
Weight : 95 pounds
Build : Petite
Hair : Blonde
Eyes : Blue
Age : 18
Dressing : Short-sleeved shirt with skirt.

Caitlin Challoner is an orphan and has been raised by her aunt and uncle. Unloved and knowing herself to be an unwanted burden, Caitlin agreed to be a mail order bride to a Mr Charles E. Cabangbang III in a Murdock, far from the only home she has known. Through a series of mistakes and misunderstandings, Caitlin unknowingly ended up in the town of Murphy.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Hilary Duff