Character Details - Ravelyn Aedan Cillian Turlach McDobghall

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Character Name: Ravelyn Aedan Cillian Turlach McDobghall

Race: Vampire

Age: 848

Physical Description: Ravelyn stands at about 5’10” and weighs 170 pounds. He hadn’t quite grown to his full build before he was turned into a vampire, his mortal life ending at the age of sixteen. He inherited his father’s hair, the straight black mass falling past his waist at its longest point. His eyes came from his mother, sparkling sky blue that that now pierce eerily any other gaze that finds them. In the way of clothing, he wears what suits him at the time, which almost always includes a black trench coat and heavy black boots. He also is never seen without a pair of black leather gloves. Around his neck he wears two rings that had belonged to his mother on a thin chain, nearly his only reminder of where he came from, aside from an ever fading Irish accent.

Personality: He was very outspoken and not at all timid as a human. It wasn’t until after he became a vampire that he learned the value of silence and shadows. It’s often difficult to get even a single word out of him, Ravelyn choosing to do all of his thinking in his head, and most of his conversation there, as well. He doesn’t associate with anyone aside from Tatyanna and those that he must to do her bidding. Secluded and alone, he is only known in certain darker circles of the vampire world, but they only know him by his first name. Not only is it hard to get him to speak, it is just as difficult to bring out his temper. Ravelyn is for the most part calm and docile, opting more often than not to use his manipulation of darkness to evade any conflict… unless it’s his Sire’s wish that he fight.

Background: Ravelyn was born to a noble family in the year 1159, the eldest of three children (two boys and one girl). When he was four, his mother was raped and murdered. His father went to hunt down the men responsible, but disappeared and was never heard from again. Both parents dead, Ravelyn and his siblings were both raised by their father’s sister. They were still raised as nobility, their lives relatively calm and easy after that… until just after his sixteenth birthday. It was then that he met the most alluring woman he’d ever seen. It was late one night when Ravelyn decided to go for a ride for some fresh air and to clear his head of the nightmares he’d been having for the last few months. He’d just been woken from a rather intense one and just couldn’t go back to sleep, dawn just a few hours ahead, anyway. During his ride, he happened to come across a woman in obvious danger. He rescued her from whatever fate would’ve befell her in the bandits’ hands and guided her back to the castle, unaware of what she was and what she was planning to do. The days that followed were his last as a mortal, soon the beautiful Tatyanna luring him in with her charm and cunning, turning him into a vampire after he‘d all but fallen for her. And it’s at her side he stayed through his immortal years, doting on his Spanish princess and granting her every desire.

Abilities: Ravelyn is one of the few vampires that has the innate ability to walk in the sun, though he prefers not to if at all possible. More often than not, it’s only that he gets caught in it before he can slip back to where he and his Sire hide during the day, or he is out running whatever errand she’s asked of him. He can also perform some shape-shifting abilities, though at the present all he is capable of is turning into a black wolf, his eyes still that shimmering sky blue. He also has other more common abilities, such as inhuman strength, speed, and agility. The most unique ability that he has is the manipulation of shadows and darkness. This ranges from summoning darkness to hide himself in for stealth… to using them as portals to travel through. Along with that ability is that to see perfectly in pitch black, yet another reason that he avoids the daylight.

Weapons: There are few weapons he will carry, since he usually needs none. From time to time he’ll carry the sword that was made to replace the two-handed Flamberge that was lost with his father. It’s as close to the original as they could make it, save for the gems that had been added for every generation. Ravelyn has also been known to have a dagger hidden in his boot, more or less for emergencies. Other than that, he chooses to use his own vampiric abilities as weapons.

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