Character Details - Zoie Aniyasso

Written by Rhiannon KTralCreated : 21-Jun-2005 1:49:30 am
Last Edited : 21-Jun-2005 2:27:22 am

Name: Zoie Aniyasso
Age: 25
Race: Human
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Home Planet: Earth

Appearance: Zoie is built like most women of Asian origin; petite. Long blue black hair is usually worn in a braid down her back or pulled up into a messy bun on the top of her head. Her eyes are so dark that they appear to be black instead of brown as it is almost impossible to tell where her pupil stops and iris starts. Usually she can be found wearing shorts and spaghetti strap halters, but does where a dress or skirt on rare occasion, however, shoes are something she considers to be optional with any outfit as she detests them.

Aside from her small frame and short stature there is no other way to identify Zoie in a crowd. Our petite lady does have a birthmark in the shape of a starburst on her inner right thigh. Also there is a tattoo right where her buttocks and back meet of a blood red rose with vines on either side in a Celtic formation.

Demeanor: Zoie is possessed of a very spirited demeanor. If those who know her were asked to describe Zoie in one word it would be: aggressive. The words “no”, “can’t”, and “impossible” are not in this little spit fires vocabulary as she is a firm believer in where there’s a will there’s a way. This belief is the major reason for Zoie’s creative solutions to seemingly impossible problems. However, this imaginative side is generally put to use in figuring out ways to make people leave her alone.

As a rule Zoie really doesn’t like people and is not the most social of creatures. She is very picky about whom she takes into her classes and under no circumstances will she deal with those she views as intellectually challenged in anyway. It is the quark in her personality that cause most to think of her bluntness as rudeness as Zoie has no problem telling others exactly what she thinks of them. Zoie does, however, have one weakness … small spaces. Put our petite bomb shell in a small enclosed space and she freaks as they are the one thing she can’t abide above all others.

Skills: As Zoie is a martial arts teacher she is, of course, proficient in martial arts. Her specialties are the sighs and quarter staff, though, she can use just about anything as a weapon if she has to. However, her preference is to not have to fight at all and most of the time she only does so to defend herself.

History: Zoie was raised in a small Midwestern town in 21st century Terra by her parents Tinoka and Sue Yin Aniyasso. She’s had a string of horrid boyfriends and only one friend to speak of, Sam, who puts up with way more than any one person should have to.

Zoie’s fear of small spaces comes from an incident when she was a small child. Her mother had asked her to go into the cellar and get some canned vegetables. While she was down there her father unknowingly closed her in. Zoie had been trapped in the tiny food cellar for hours with her parents none the wiser as her father had distracted his wife causing Sue Yin to forget she had asked her daughter to go into the cellar in the first place. Hours later, after Zoie had screamed herself horse, both her parents noticed she was missing and went looking for her. Eventually they did find her ashen faced and shaking in a corner of the cellar.

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