Character Details - Malik

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MalikPhysical Description:

*Name: Malik

Meaning of Name: Angel

*Race: Schi (incubus/Anaisi mix)

*Age: unknown

Apparent Age (if different): Mid twentys

*Height: 6'0

*Build/Weight: with a lithe build, his muscles fluid, a dancers body

*Hair: Pure white

*Eyes: white (changes colour with emotion)

Complexion: Pure white (albino)

*Identifying Marks (if present): Pure black feather wings

Clothing: leather pants and open back shirts, otherwise anything his master let's him wear

Personal Items usually carried:

Personal Information:

*Personality:Quiet and deeply sensual Malik is the epitome of both his fathers. He is temptation incarnate, finding pleasure in almost everything, he is loyal to those who care for him, and do not hurt him too much.

*Occupation: Slave

*Skills and Abilities: Shifting, Shapeshifting (both from anaisi and incubus sides) increased healing, inhuman strength, speed, agility, sight, hearing, All incubi powers of seduction and the need to feed. his schi powers include the ability to heal himself although that is made stronger through his incubi half. He can see death, although unlike his father he doesn't see it in the form age, he sees it as a small glow around others. The brighter the glow the closer to death they are. Using the empathy of his incubi half he can project fantasies to others to live out, that he himself lives out.

*Weapons Used: claws, and his soul sucking ability, and death by touch

Background Information:

*History:Samael's first son, Malik doesn't know of his Anaisi father, having never met him. Samael had been experimenting and after too much Taoilbin had found out he'd managed to not only impregnate someone but an incubus. Mildly disturbed he'd kept tabs on his son, but hadn't revealed himself to the boy, letting him be raised as an incubus. Malik's first owner had been his only mistress the woman caring for him for the first thousand years of the incubi's existence. From then he'd been bought and sold to masters some good some bad. The worse by far had been his last master. Kainan had forced the death of Malik's owner, using the incubi's weakness after feeding to claim him as his own. Malik had spent the next thousand years tortured and denied
at every turn. Malik finally grew angry enough that he killed Kianan in the middle of Lost Horizons. He is now with a new master a demonii, Azara. He's quite happy with her and finds a bit of amusement in the rumours that he's a seraphii.

*Marital Status: Azara's lover and slave

*Children: none

*Bonds: none

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

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