Character Details - Seraphina Bella Celestina Alessia

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seraPhysical Description:

Seraphina Bella Celestina Alessia

Meaning of Name:
‘Fiery one’ Beautiful heavenly Defender

Sera, or Bella

Schi (huamn/Anaisi)


Apparent Age (if different): 16



Pure white

pure white changes colour with emotion

pure white albino

Aloe and Jasime blossoms

*Identifying Marks (if present):
a brand in her back of a small Latin Prayer

simple clothes, anything that will hide most of her appearance.

Personal Items usually carried: a cross necklace.

Personal Information:

Quiet and careful, Sera is often considered quite secretive. This is of course quite true, her race making it very difficult to blend in with humans. Her experiences among humans has been, difficult, to say the least, leaving Sera alone with few people she’s been able to trust. Extremely quiet she prefers hiding and loathes the spotlight, especially around humans.


*Skills and Abilities:
shapeshifting, flight, increased healing, inhuman strength, Secret keeping: She was born with the ability that by touching someone she'd be privy to their secrets. For the most part this was nothing more than surface secrets or something they were generally thinking about avidly. She never meant to use the ability and because of her second gift some secrets are comepletely useless. As such she tends to wear gloves to avoid contact. The second part of this ability is the inability to speak the secret in a language understood at the very least by humans.

*Weapons Used:

Background Information:

Born in an orphanage, Sera's beginnings were lonely but not unloved. She was cared for as much as the nuns could take care of her. Although she wasn't allowed to be part of the rest of the orphanage the Abbess used to say she was one of God's little angels. She didn't mind being alone even in her younger years, very devout she dedicated herself to study and learning. It wasn't until her confession that problems began to arise. It was in passing that she touched the Priet's hand. The images that assualted her were beyond her comprehension. Terrified she ran from the church into the Abbey. When the Abbess tried speak with her Sera tried to tell her what she'd seen. The priest who'd followed her, heard and understood every word, but the Abbess was getting angry with the young child for speaking gibberish. That was the first time they tried to exorcise her. It obviously failed. Since that time she's gone through several exorcisms all of them leaving her weak for days at a time, but still she claims she's not possessed. The priests was not the last secret she became privy to, now Sera takes the precaution of wearing gloves so she won't have to live with anymore secrets.

*Marital Status: single



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