Character Details - Nye

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Character Name:
Character Race: vampire
Character Age: 3000 (born c.1000 bc d. c.976 bc.)

Character Description: Standing 6'3 and weighing a solid 200 pound Nye is an imposing figure, with bright blue eyes and a rich curtain of blue black hair. He is strong with a well defined physique that looks like it was carved out through hard labor and warfare rather than a gym. His body is a network of scars from numerous lashings and he is missing his right pinky finger to the first knuckle. Full lips and a straight patrician nose, Nye has high cheek bones and a clear unblemished complexion. Pale even in life his skin is now the color of pure alabastor. Even after a feeding his skin is unaturally pale. He prefers dark clothing, rich colors of blacks, greens and blues, and deep reds. His style of dress is eccentric, he's seen every style imaginable and much prefers understated elegance to frippery and lace. The world has changed much, and Nye has managed to change with it, but he is still ever the warrior. His body is well toned and taken care of with haevy corded muscles and lithe limbs. He was quick and agile in life and is even more so in death.

Characters Personality: Dark and haunted, Nye is seductive and deeply sensual. He can be kind as well as cruel. He is extremely intelligent and able to think fast in any situation. He's had to in order to survive. And survive he has, Nye is nothing if not a survivor. Discrete and comanding he exudes power and authority. He rarely raises his voice, even in a whisper people will do as he has bid. He hates all forms of slavery and deals especially harsh justice to those who willing subordinate others for their own personal entertainment. Although he CAN be caring, he rarely is. He is hard and implacable, with a will of tempered steel and a heart locked away to avoid any pain. He has seen too many whither and die around him to fall in love, and he will not grant his unlife to any. His existence while not unpleasent has been lonely and he has been struck with melancholia. In these 'fits' he is nigh unreachable and has been known to be very brutal and violent. Many have died during these times, innocent and guilty alike.

Characters Background: Born in a small village near the greek settlement Masalia (present day Marseilles) Nye had a simple but happy childhood. The first son of a Celtic Chieftan, Nye was taught to lead and fight. Both things he did very well. Until he was captured in a battle. Suddenly he found himself the proptery of a Greek senator with strange and very sadistic proclivities. He was sixteen when he had been captured and he spent almost six years under the mans thumb. Till one night he ran away. It was the Dionysus festival. One of the few nights he was allowed to enjoy himself. Seeing his chance Nye ran, straight into the arms of a vampire. Once again the world he knew disolved like so much dust, never to be recaptured. He awoke to find himself forever changed, his world gone. He fell into a depression that followed him for several years. But soon the world of the night called to him. Soon he began to revel in the all the debauchery of the world. He's travelled everywhere but the place of his enslavement. He refuses to darken the meditaranian, and has not been near Greece since his death.Although adept at warfare in his life, in death he became a machine. In battle no one could touch him. Capable of staying in the sun for long periods of time he created his own battle dress. All black, the gauntlets are stained red from the blood of countless enemies, as is the breast plate. More than one head has been smashed against his chest in blood lust. The world has changed much, and yet it has stayed the same. Petty wars are still fought over even pettier rulers. The rabble suffer while the rich get fat. He has seen it again and again and it still amuses him. But now, the years have passed, and he seems to have mellowed..... seems. He wants a challenge. He's tired of being alone. So he is now hunting for the perfect candidate to be his childe, his friend, his love.

Powers and abilities: After three thousand years of unlife, Nye is quite powerful. Telepathic and a mild empath, Nye has the rare gift of day walking. He hasn't used this ability in centuries, preferring the darkness. Inhuman speed and agility and strength, make him a deadly foe.

Bred for battle and leadership, Nye can weild almost any blade given to him. He has spent centuries perfecting his prowess with many weapons. Even in life he was taught the use of sword, spear and ax. His two favoured weapons are two large claymores. His armour has survived since the crusades, large and black it covers his form from head to toe, the vampire forever fighting it fate, hiding in the dark armour before he knew of his day walking powers. Pristine, the armour was created by a masterwork metalsmith, stunning and frighteningly beautiful, the gauntlets are forever stained red from blood.

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