Character Details - Lazarus

Written by FoalanCreated : 9-May-2005 7:22:07 pm
Last Edited : 30-Oct-2005 4:47:14 pm

Name: Lazarus Klein
Age: 29
weight: 210
Hair: Short cropped aurburn Hair
eyes: iolite or deep bright violet wireless glasses

Personality: On the surface he's kind, quiet, a bit of a bookworm, and completely charming. Underneath he's manipulative, abusive, and mentally unstable.

Background: Second son of a rabbi, Laz was expected to follow in his father's footsteps. But through the years it became obvious that Laz wanted little to do with his faith. By the time he was sixteen his father had been more than emotionally abusive during his life, coming down on everything that Laz did or said. The relationship was strained at best. At the age of seventeen things came to a head, Laz's father found out about his son's preferences and sought to change that. After the first few beatings, Laz moved out, going to live with a lover who introduced him into S&M.

Laz has always been unstable, after a couple of years being together, Laz's boyfriend began cheating on him. In anger Laz left, although his relationships now show evidence of not only his obsessiveness, but his need for control. If anything he's become worse, something that terrifies his brother.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Eric Stoltz