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Known Name: Sparrow Hawk Silverleaf
Full Name: Kestrel Celeblasse
Translation: Falcon Silverleaf
Race: Taurësúlë
Age: 36 (As of Slumbering Waters)
Apparent Age:
Early Twenties
Accent: Native American
Height: 5' 11"
Build/Weight: Slender hourglass, athletic / 130 lbs
Eyes: Perisan-Blue
Hair: Dark Chestnut
Complexion: light copper
Occupation: Thief
Marital Status: Single
Bonds: Silverleaf Tapestry, D'Riel Web

Personality: The daughter of Dolash Darkwind and Shadow Silverleaf and twin to Kaltaur Silverleaf, Sparrow's personality takes after her mother more than her father's. She and her twin are the result of an affair when Shadow as married to Dakien Sorntur (deceased). She, like her twin is protective of her family, especially her twin. Patience is a weak point of Sparrow, along with a quick and ready temper. More likely to be on the defensive than anything else, she usually opts to strike first, ask questions later.

She enjoys nature and prefers to sleep in a tree, sleeping on a bed of leaves than in the house, as a result she was one of the first of the children to move out of her parents home, along with her twin brother, sleeping above her twin's tree house that was constructed in one of the trees surrounding the glade.

Clothing: Most commonly she can be found wearing light tan buckskin trousers that lace up the side and a simple tan linen shirt. When at home or rangering around the forest she goes bare foot.

Identifying Marks:
Non-visible Markings
Birthmark: She has the typical birthmark that marks her as one of the Enlightened Forest Children, that being a rune mark of flight on her left shoulder blade.

The Silverleaf Soul: If anyone were to look at Sparrow's soul they would see an enigma, as it has no one true form, but four. The Silverleaf clan most often refer to as layers. There are two physical shapes that it will take, followed by two ‘unseen’ shapes.The physical shapes can either be that of the form of the person in life, or the person’s totem, that being the hawk.

These shapes are completely interchangeable. If the soul is wounded in some way, it is often the bi-ped form that shows the scars. To those on the outside looking in, it often shows as a whirling galaxy (as it tends to be more identifiable to them), ever changing and growing. It often combusts and rebuilds itself, it never looks the same way twice. However, it is possible for this level of their soul to take on different forms, depending on who can or is allowed to see this deeply, it takes on the form that is most familiar to the other person.

NOTE: A Silverleaf soul is bi-coloured. Sparrow's cirst color is unique to her alone, being Persian-Blue while the other is Silver. The silver is the same consistency and looks more like a thin chain of liquid silver.

Skills and Abilities:

Totem: From her father she has inherited the ability of taking on a totem, that of a Hawk.

Healing: Her "thread" is a combination of burgundy and silver, when healing or taking a shape, it forms as a mist around her much like a silk cocoon.

Enlightened Forest Child: From her mother she has inherited the title of one of the Enlightened Forest Children, beings that she can shift to any shape (once learned) and can control an element.

Elemental: Soul Stealth. She's able to steal anyone’s powers, agility or magic with a simple touch, but is only able to use it for a short time until she learns to control her powers.

Weapons Used: Sparrow's preferred weapon is an ash wood longbow and quiver of arrows of her own makings.

Brief History: After the death of their father (or who they thought to be their father - Dakien), Sparrow, Kaltaur and their elder sister Raven ended up on Ingraelis for a period of time. Unused to the purple atmosphere and being 'watched' over constantly, the three quickly became uncomfortable and left.
Sparrow adventured on a magicless planet with Raven for a short time before headed for the Diirlathe and her little sister Robin who had been taken there to live with Callan and An'Thaya Blackthorn. Since then, Sparrow has stayed at the Keep, preferring it to the other current options.

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:

  • Sparrow does NOT give her real name; it is not a matter of believing that a real name is powerful as much as a matter of trust. Very few know what her true name is and it’s the way she likes it, she has been known to give false names.
  • Sparrow has a very strong singing voice which she usually uses when she's alone wandering through the forest, haunting and beautiful she can be heard singing in a minor key.

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