Character Details - Victor Duval

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victorName: Victor

: 2000 (appears 25)


Appearance: Relatively short, about 5'10 weighing about 167 lbs, Victor has long dark hair and fine features with piercing brown eyes. Long limbed with delicate bone structure Victor has an athletic build with just slight definition. Preferring darker colours he is more often comfortable in dark suits or jeans.

Personality: 2000 thousand years hasn’t made him happy. In fact over the last century he may have just gotten worse. He hates what people have done to the world, he doesn’t care to understand certain parts of it, and what’s more he finds humans pathetic attempts to extend their life and beauty wasted. A longer life is not something to want. Eternity sucks.

Victor's life has happened in several stages, from his mortal time to now each time in his life he's separated by changing his name slightly in order to continue to be a part of the human world.

Part one Life:

Two thousand years has changed the world in many ways. Victor was raised in a small village in what is modern day Romania. His mother had fallen in love with a gypsy, but her father would hear nothing of it. She had tried to run away with the man she loved but her father in a fit of rage killed the man. Unbeknownst to anyone the young girl was pregnant, when it became apparent she was sent to live with her spinster aunt, her father refusing to have anything to do with her or the child she carried. Victor was born healthy and strong, taking his darker coloring from his father but his fine bone structure from his mother. At the age of ten something happened, his maternal grandfather been attacked by bandits as he was travelling, the old man barely surviving to the village. The village healer was unable to do anything for the wound piercing the man's side. Sneaking into the room of the dying man, Victor looked upon the man curiously, knowing he was his grandfather. The man was delerious by the time Victor saw him, the wound infected terribly. Carefully he placed his hands upon the wound, the healer coming in tearing him away from the man. To everyone's shock the wound had healed, Victor falling ill almost immediately, his temperature raising to the point he was delerious. By morning he was fine, whatever sickness he had was gone, and his grandfather was healthy once more. From then on Victor was taught the ways of healing, although each time he healed someone it took a little more out of him, Victor slowly dying. By the time he was twenty-five he knew the next time he healed someone he would not survive, his life almost at an end if he never healed again he'd live, but such a life was not what he wanted. One night Victor was brought to a young girl by her distraught family, their daughter had been attacked in the woods by their home, her neck bleeding profusely. The young girl was almost dead when she was brought to him, Victor's heart breaking at the sight, without thought he laid his hand upon the wound. Healing it he fell to the floor, the girl fine, but Victor sadly not. With the last ounce of his strength he tried to make it to his home at the edge of the woods. Falling to the ground he barely remembered being carried to his home, only remember the soothing voice as he was placed on his bed, what the man was saying he couldn't be sure but at one point he agreed with the man. The next thing he felt was his neck being punctured the last of his life sucked from him. He remembered trying to fight, but when the wrist was brought to his lips he drank greedily, his life ending in that moment.

Part two Unlife

The First Five hundred years

It wasn't until the next evening when he awoke, by then he was no longer in his home he'd been taken to what appeared to be a manor house, oppulent and refined in a way Victor had never seen. The man that had taken him there spoke quietly, Victor remembering the soothing timber from when he'd been carried into his house. He listened in disbelief as he was told of his new life, his new curse. He fought then attempting in vain to destroy the man who had created him, only to be stopped by his own aching hunger. He had been forced to feed that night, and for several nights after, Victor refusing to become what the vampire wished him to be. He fell into a slump, hiding away as much as he could for the first hundred years, watching those around him die and Victor helpless to heal them. In those years he despised his sire, and himself for falling time and again to the hunger that consumed him. Gradually his hatred faded, Victor letting go of what had once been his reason for living. Slowly he began looking for other things to occupy his life. On the centennial of his unlife, Victor finally began enjoying himself although still conservative compared to his master. His tastes simple and easily filled Victor contented himself with simple pleasures, his sire slowly introducing him to other pleasures. By the time he was five hundred he had fully embraced his unlife, Victor beciming the vampire finally.

The next five hundred

The next five hundred years was awash in decadence, Victor's pragmatic nature only coming into to play when he realized that if he was to live forever he'd need to have the finances. Beginning simply he invested in different ventures, saving more than spending despite the oppulence he surrounded himself with. He made sure to keep himself out of the lime light, preferring to remain hidden while still enjoying everything around him. It was during this time in his life that he began keeping pets. Slaves that he used on a whim, some not lasting more than a week, others lasting several years. He never turned any, refusing to ever give that gift... or curse.

To the Present

He spent the last thousand years alternating between reveling in the decadence of mortals and despising them for their hedonism and lack of sight. He took to hiding in a castle he'd purchased, growing more and more within drawn as the years past.

One night, the dogs on his property began barking, their racket enough to disturb Victor during his reading. Walking outside he found something outside, soaked and bleeding. The scent almost overpowering as he walked over to it. Blinking he noticed that it was a boy, no more than a teenager. There was no way he'd survive the night without help, Victor sighing before turning to head back into the house. Had he not been what he was he probably wouldn't have heard the soft plea from the boy. Victor turning and carrying the boy into the castle. It was quite by accident what followed, Victor stripping the boy and cleaning him off before wrapping the covers around him. The boy wouldn't survive the night but he'd be comfortable. Feeling his forehead for fever his eyes widened in shock as the same felling surged through him as the sickness was pulled from the boy. Laying weakly against the bed he felt his body fight the illness swiftly, not a trace left within minutes. Stunned he couldn't believe what had happened, Victor, helped the boy back on his feet, taking him in even after he healed. The boy became his first childe, although he was killed within years of his change. The loss leaving Victor aching, the old vampire hiding even more, refusing to ever share his gift with anyone again.

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