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Physical Description:
Preferred Name: Trevis Shaka
Birth Name: Trevis Shaka
Meaning of Name: Crossing
Race: Aerdonian Black, pure blood
Age: 9015(as of The Orb of Mysteries)
Apparent Age (if different): Thirties

Dragon Appearance:
Colour: Charcoal black
Eyes: black
Length: Apprx. 58 ft snout to rump
Wingspan: Apprx. 88 ft wingspan

Human Appearance:
Height: 6’ 2”
Build/Weight: Slender
Hair: Black with black mustache and goatee
Eyes: Black
Complexion: Tanned
Clothing: prefers muscle shirts and jeans, all of his own scale, and more often than not he wears an old black leather coat. He also wears what looks to be a choke collar.
Personal Items usually carried: Choke Collar, guitar pick
Identifying Marks (if present): Trevis has tattoos up and down his arms, all of which are just that, tattoos. The only marking that he has is one blood mark – The Blackthorn Crest of the Black Guard on his right shoulder blade. Both nipples are pierced as well as both ears.

Personal Information:
Personality: Trevis is a pain in the ass; he has to push the limits as much as he can. He loves to pull pranks and while he has someone in mind, if someone else happens to fall into the trap, he really doesn’t care. Its all fair, he also loves the rush he gets when there’s a chance that he might be flayed alive. Despite all of this, Trevis is dedicated to his chosen profession and to the Guard in general and sees no reason in changing professions. He also has a serious streak at times when it is needed and feels that there is a time and place for everything. He is also extremely serious when it comes to his music.
Occupation/Rank: Captain
Skills and Abilities: Trevis’ weapon of choice is a Shamshir, any other weapon he uses is typically from his own scale. He isn’t one that uses Flame, as he just doesn’t like the smell of burnt flesh in close proximity
Weapons Used: Shamshir

Background Information:
Blood or Soul Bonds: Guard bond
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Brief History:Trevis is the second son of a second son so does not stand to inherit anything despite the fact that his older brother is nowhere to be found and his uncle looks to be a confirmed bachelor. He was drafted into the guard along with others about the same age as he and just never left..

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:
  • Trevis is actually one of the few of the Black Guard that chooses to have facial hair; his is in the form of a mustache and goatee and is something that is mirrored in two of his brothers.
  • His hair is just long enough that it brushes his collarbone and when let dry naturally tends to curl.
  • He has unusually dark, long eyelashes that outline his eyes much like eyeline
  • He hoards guitars. His favorite being a black acoustic Fender
  • Trevis' singing voice is classified as a baritenor
  • When enRaged, Trevis' eyes brighten to a gunmetal grey

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