Character Details - Rordan Ciaran Carwyn Dairmaid

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RordanPhysical Description:

Rordan Ciaran Carwyn Dairmaid

Meaning of Name:
'Little poet king' Black blessed love without envy

Schi (elf/Anaisi)


Apparent Age (if different):

5'9 to 6'0 <-- second height is if he's not using the glamour

199 lbs

pure white

pure white

pure white

*Identifying Marks (if present):
bite mark on his neck from Seth, wings with feathers that look like their incased in ice, yet are still soft to the touch.

anything comfy that doesn't bother the wings

Personal Items usually carried:

Personal Information:

Rordan is a strange character, while very much a loner in his own right, he is very loyal to those he cares about, his father being one of the most important figures in his life. Kind with a soft heart but a cocky attitude, he's willing to do anything to spare those around him heartache and sorrow.

nothing yet

*Skills and Abilities:
flight, shifting, shapeshifting, minor healing ability that's still new, ice and cold creation and manipulation, increased healing, inhuman strength, minor fighting abilities in hand to hand combat and sword fighting.

*Weapons Used:
a sword but rare, usually his powers.

Background Information:

watched over by his father, his mother raised him for the first years of his life. On his hundredth birthday he was taken from his home and trained with his father, who trained him in everything he could. Rordan lived a quiet if lonely life until he was captured by Nathanael. Offering his life in exchange for his fathers he became Nathanael's pet. Joined by another Schi, they were both beaten horribly pitted against one another. It turned out the other Schi was Seth, Samael's son. Nathanael had captured him in order to get a modicum of revenge against the other Anaisi. Rordan fell in love with Seth, in spite of Nathanael's continuted torture.

*Marital Status:
attached to Seth's hip



Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Jared Padalecki