Character Details - Blaize

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Name: Blaize

Age: 120 (looks 25)

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 269

Hair: dark brown

Eyes: green

Race: Unknown

Description: Tall and broad, Blaize stands 6'8" and weighs 269 lbs. Although very large he is agile and dexterious, a natural grace in all his motions. His hair is kept short dark brown hair. Deep green eyes shine behind silver lashes, the iris a striking shade of green all it's own, dark in the center they become almost colorless as they reach the outer edge, a soft line distinguishing iris from the the white of the eye.

Markings: His line of work has led to several scars the worse by far on his leg, the puckered flesh still angry red despite the years that have passed since the incident that caused the mark. His arms are wrapped in dark tribal tattoos, their meaning lost to Blaize, his back even more impressive the tats from his arms converging on his back just over his shoulderblades.

Personality: If you're on his list you're guilty. Blaize is a hard man to figure out. Extremely loyal to those he trusts, it's almost impossible to earn that trust, he is very closed about his life and past, although he is almost insatiably curious, about everything. He is constantly searching for knowledge of any kind, there are times his bounty hunting is just an excuse to find out more information about anything and everything.

Background: He never should have left his planet. In fact in hadn't been his choice, at the age of five during a midnight raid the small hunting village he lived in had been attacked, he along with several other children had been captured and sold on the slave market, his kind already strong and able bodied, the rest had been sold into hard labor. Blaize however had been unruly sold off not to the slave mines on another namless planet in his solar system he had been taken further, finally managing to escape he stole aboard another ship, Blaize speaking only his native tongue, fighting everyone who went near him. The only person able to calm him Adam, a grizzled bounty hunter who took the boy with the flaming temper, training him slowly. It soon became apparent size was not the only thing that Blaize had, his name, or at least the rough translation of his name sign enough of his unique ability.

One night during a routine maintence check when Blaize was about 14, he was tinkering with one of the engines, when something went wrong, the engine exloding around him. Everyone had thought the boy dead, although he had miraculously walked away from the incident although he fainted shortly after, requiring several surgeries in order to remove bits of the engine from his body. After that incident, Blaize began toying with fire, learning all it's secrets, his own immunity against it just one factor, but he was able to manipulate it.

Yet for all his ability he could not protect his mentor, Adam dying tragically before Blaize had reached adulthood, the loss of his friend and mentor proving a killing blow to his emotions, Blaize cutting off all ties, buying his own ship with the savings Adam had put aside for him, and taking riskier and riskier jobs.

He had managed to find his home, the small planet so far from any form of technology it was illegal for him to return, Blaize not sure if he truly wanted to, his life so far removed from what it could have been it was hard to contemplate.

Powers: Fire manipulation although he cannot create fire himself he needs a spark, he is impervious to flame, and the glyph tattoos glow when he activates his powers. He is much weaker in his power than had he stayed on his home planet. Like other's of his kind as he develops ties with people he empathically links with them although if they are not of his kind this link is one sided.

Blaize's world

Level of Technology:Limited

Level of space technology: non existent

Religious practices: Shamanistic

Family groupings: tribal groupings, both nomadic and stationery settings, some heroic, other’s matriarchal. Kinship important in all family settings

Level of magic: rare: magic is only seen in 1% of the population, seen from birth in the form of glyphs on the skin. Tattoos of the element or ability show up with hours of birth. First signs of the ability do not show until puberty, but effects are often present before hand. The child exhibits personality traits associated with the ability, immunity to damage from element is seen from birth. During puberty the child is separated from the rest of the tribe, although still living with the tribe the child is not seen as part of the tribe, it has become what the people describe as what translates into “unseen one” they are the ghosts of the village. It is not until they have gained control of their magic that they go through a ritual death, where they are reborn as part of the tribe once more. Those who possess the magic usually attain high standing either as a chief or shaman although not all shamans possess this magic.

Psionics: all groupings seem to possess a natural empathy within family groupings. The closer the familial bond the closer the link. Parents and children often possess the strongest bonds and while blood is important children are tied to the entire village. This is seen in nomadic tribes most of all, children being raised by everyone not just the parents. Ideals of love seem to be rare, they have some proto form of marriage, but this is little more than what could be considered contract dealings. Love matches are rare but those matches seem to hold the strongest links empathically. This was noted when one man lost his wife in childbirth. Two teams were watching the village; the man was in a hunting party several miles from the encampment, when he was struck down with no apparent cause. The body of the man was found three days later, according to autopsy reports death by ritualistic suicide.

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