Character Details - Bran Harris

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Physical Description:
*Name: Bran Harris
Meaning of Name: Raven
*Race: Half human/half incubus
*Age: 22 (immortal)
Apparent Age (if different): 18
*Height: 5'9
*Build/Weight: 145/thin
*Hair: light brown
*Eyes: ice blue
Complexion: pale

*Identifying Marks (if present): various scars from being beaten through the years, one major scar in the form of teeth marks on his neck from Nate's repeated bites

Clothing: leather, or anything Nate wants him to wear

Personal Items usually carried: a collar

Personal Information:
*Personality:Shy and quiet he rarely speaks above a whisper. He has a nervous smile, and rarely laughs. He is kind and caring to others and very conscientious of other's feelings. But he has a temper, and what a temper. When it is arroused it gets him in a lot of trouble. He has been on the receiving end of several beatings for his mouth alone.

*Occupation: slave/pet

*Skills and Abilities: budding fire abilities, mild empathic abilities

*Weapons Used: none

Background Information:
*History: The last child of ten, Bran was not only a surprise but an unwelcome one. Looking nothing like his father, it was discovered upon his birth that he was the product of a fling, his biological father unknown. Treated like dirt by his his mother's husband Greg, he was raised by the servants of the household, not even his mother acknowledging his existence unless it involved punishment. Raised as little more than a slave, Bran was giving only the most basic schooling. Because of his upbringing, Bran although a kind and gentle soul in his own right, is quite disturbed. His pain tolerance is amazing, not only from the repeated beatings through out his life but his own twisted desires to find pleasure in all forms of pain. He was sold into the sex trade at the age of sixteen and has been a pet for many of the more twisted types since that time the boy growing to depend on pain as much as pleasure in all things.

***Alternate history: For his fantasy bio, Bran at the age of eighteen still lived with his family although he was sure that wouldn't last for very long, the number of clients making bids on him growing despite his age. In a fit of rage he lashed out and hit Greg before running away in terror. It was then that he met Nathanael, the Anaisi offering him little better than what his life had been previously. The tenuous control Bran hand on his reality as brittle at best when he met Nate and before his sanity snapped utterly, he fell for the Anaisi quite hard. Regardless of the pain Nathanael put him through Bran had convinced himself that Nathanael did love him, that he wanted only him and that the only reason Nate punished him so often was because of his temper. Oddly he was right in many ways. Bran's acceptance and unconditional love of the rather violent and 'evil' Anaisi wore him down. Just as things were beginning to look up for the two, tragedy struck in the form of LeSair. The being wanted one thing only, another slave boy of Nate's, Raveyn. Raveyn was a seer and with that ability LeSair could destroy earth. Nathanael refused to hand Raveyn over, the boy was his end of story. So LeSair captured Bran. Enraged, Nate went back to his home and near beat Raveyn to death trying to find out where LeSair had taken Bran. In the end, LeSair with the help of Keiden, Nathanael's son, got Raveyn but refused to return Bran.

Months passed, Bran falling into a deep depression, the boy cutting himself just to feel anything even pain. No matter the support he had from Keiden and Raveyn he still missed Nathanael with all his heart. Unable to take it anymore the boy attempted to set himself on fire, only to be stopped at the last moment by Samael. Angered and losing hope, Bran stumbled upon something he'd never thought he'd see again, a collar that only Nate had. The reunion was rather bittersweet, but Bran is now quite happily ensconced in Nate's home, the boy convinced that he's where he's meant to be, in Nate's arms, regardless how disturbing that might be to anyone else.

*Marital Status: Attached to Nate's hip***

*Children: none

*Bonds: none

*** only for Fantasy

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