Character Details - Samael

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Physical Description:


Meaning of Name:
Poison Angel



Apparent Age (if different):



dark auburn near black

pure white


*Identifying Marks (if present):
tattoo over his heart, not always apparent

anything soft and comfortable

Personal Items usually carried:
various daggers and an anaisi made sword.

Personal Information:

the ultimate seductor, Samael is at once easy going yet commanding, never having to raise his voice above a whisper, his subordinates jumping to do his bidding at the drop of a hat, or glove as the case may be. Infinitely mischevious, Samael is tempation incarntate.


*Skills and Abilities:
he's one of the numerous Anaisi charged with death, he's neither benevolent (Suriel) or vengful as other's. He's utterly impartial in who he kills although that's only in who. How is a different thing entirely, he likes elaboration and when he can he will find the oddest and perhaps gruesome ways others to die. He's also a temptor, with a seductive way about him, finding a person's temptation whether it be knowledge or sex he's usually on top of things. Other powers include, healing, a strange resistence to fire, minor telepathy, shifting, shapeshifting, flight, strength, skilled with several weapons including swords and archery.
*Weapons Used: A sword maybe but really all he has to do is touch someone to kill them.

Background Information:

One of the first Anaisi warriors, Samael is credited with both temptation and death, holding sway over the lives of all things. He is considered both good and evil although he is one of the ultimate hedonists thrilling in his own debauchery, finding interesting ways for those around him to end their days. He has two sons, both he cares for very deeply, although even this love has been tainted in the past by his debauchery. He has the misfortune also of being the one to break Nathanael's heart; in essence creating the twisted, angry Anaisi and destroying the quiet gentle soul that he once was. Something Samael will forever regret. Currently he's actually attempting to make up for past folly's with Nate, this is taking rather a lot of time he is quite patient.

*Marital Status:

Malik, Seth Rishon-Novad-Doron, Aaron, Ciara Ethine Amina Aine, Ariel Hiram David Nathanael


Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Dominic Purcell