Character Details - Foalan Cian Ailill Niall

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Foalan *Full Name: Foalan Cian Ailill Niall Haisia (Aerta)
Name meaning: “Little Wolf” Ancient Elf Champion Fire (heart)
Race: Schi (Tuathan/Anaisi)
Age: 656 ( as of Cracked Mirror)
Apparent Age: 19
Height: 5'10
Weight: 300 lbs
Build: lean, but heavily muscled, defined.
Hair Colour: White
Eye Colour: White but changes colour with emotion
Skin tone/colour: pure white
Scent: Blackberries
Accent: Soft Celtic, mild Scottish brogue.
Skills: see skill section under abilities
Marital Status: Married to Riel
Bonds: Heart sync to Riel
Children: Egan Cahir Fionntàn Alexander (with Gaelam)
Siblings: Arien, Bastien, Damien, Enoch, and Keiden
Occupation: Security for Rikers, Co-Owner of HS with Riel, Crown Prince of Draghuin'Chial
Always visible: Mark on neck of two bite marks from Riel. Wings made of pure fire
May be visible depending on Clothing: Tattoo on chest of the Anaisi symbol Faint Markings around hand and forearm from bond
Always hidden: Faint scars along back from losing wings (the only people who know of these scars are those especially close to Foalan, others it is unlikely they will be able to tell unless they knre what they were looking for.)

Clothing: He creates his own clothing so it varies, usually open back tunics for his wings, or terran t-shirts with sarcastic sayings. Leather pants or anything comfortable. Personal Items usually carried: the usual pocket full of credit cards should he ever find himself on terra.

Personal Information:

*Personality:Very sure of himself, slightly cocky with an air of arrogance when he wants to be. He’s not much of a people person. Hiding behind the cocky self assurance is a kind but often confused Schi; he’s not sure where he belongs. Like many Schi he’s torn between two worlds. Often assumed by humans to be angel of demon from Myth he remains hidden from their world, taunted by his mothers for his differences, and ignored by his father’s side. Instead of creating in him a desperate need to belong he’s become proud of what he is, refusing to back down and play second fiddle, even to his father, often picking arguments with the temperamental Anaisi when his father chooses to acknowledge his existence.

*Skills and Abilities:

Foalan was never taught to fight in the tradition sense of the word. His great grandfather tried to teach him, but Foalan wasn't much of a student in his younger years, and although he tended to pick things up easily, he balked at learning anything when he was around the palace. He inherited several abilities from both sides of his family.

Much to his chagrin he inherited his father's fire abilities which showed themselves when he was seven years old. He can create and manipulate fire, he can manipulate fire that is man made or created through normal means. Magical fire coming from other sources such as the Dragon fire is something different entirely, he can be hurt by dragon fire, but he is beginning to develop the ability to change and shape other magical fires to his own signature so that he can control it. This is long and painful process, and it's the only way that he can be hurt by flame. He is immune to his father's fire damage. Also from his father he inherited his ability to fly, translocation via thought, heal at an increased rate (as long as he keeps a supply of candy on hand, the fast healing needs a sugar source). He also has increased senses to that of an elf, sight, hearing, sense of smell, taste, and is stronger than an elf (This ability was enhanced when he was a child living on Aruinnbith due to the increased gravity of the planet. He has lost some of this strength when he left when he was two hundred, but now that he's returned he's developing the strength again). His secondary ability that he inherited from his Anaisi heritage is the ability to unlock or lock just about anything. He is the only one able to unlock the three (now two) Anaisi collars aside from the one that closes it. Magical locks take longer depending on the degree of complexity. Overall the most annoying locks are the electronic locks, because there are several steps involved and Foalan has spent many hours working out the intracies of them just for his own personal benefit.

From his mother he inherited his ability to use the magic of Aruinnbith. From his time as a child he could see the weaves that bound the world together. This ability was enhanced by his Anaisi heritage. His mother sought to teach him from a young age, and drilled magical weaves into his head from the time he was five until he left at the age of two hundred. Foalan learned, very early in his life that he could undo most of his mothers weaves, and when he was bored he practiced unravelling them. By the time he left Aruinnbith he knew ward, protection, and healing weaves better than any others. All weaves have a signature colour and style, that is unique to the mage, Foalan's weaves, for those who can see them are wreathed in red and orange fire with flecks of iridescent silver and blue. Because of the Anaisi enhancement to his magic, Foalan's weaves can only be seen by higher level mages, such as his grandfather and those on the mage counsel. Off-worlders while they can sense the power they cannot see the threads as Tuathan's can. One of the main drawbacks of his elven magical abilities is that whilst travelling off world, for a mage, magic will tap into their life force directly instead of the planet, if a mage spends several years on another planet, attuning themselves to the planets inner core, the mage can consciously tap into the planets energy rather than their own. Until that time though most mages prefer to use only the simplest of spells and rituals that don't take too much strength away. Foalan used his powers very rarely when he living with Anael.

*Weapons Used: Fire most often though he can create his own sword, he doesn't have the ability to really use it effectively, he was never properly taught, his mother focused on his magic.

Background Information:

*History: Foalan was created as a backup for his brother Mael in case the “experiment” proved a failure. For years he was left in the care of his mother, the elf not understanding her son, but doing her best to raise him. This grew difficult as his powers manifested themselves, his control of flame limited at best, the power ruled by his emotions for the most part. This left him with few friends no one willing to be around him in case he grew angry. Childhood was lonely, and by the time Foalan was nearly his 200th year he was kicked from his home by both his mother and her new husband. He spent twenty years watching his mother's new family from a distance, pain and anger growing with each day until he happened upon a birthday party for a sister he'd never met. Without conscious thought he shifted away from the party, fire exploding around him as he burnt the surrounding grounds of Anael's home. Anael quickly became very important to Foalan, the Schi seeing the man as his father in some respects. Foalan learned control of his powers from Anael, although the means unconventional at best, but rather enjoyable. Foalan has never met his father nor did he know the existence of his brother Mael. Aside from his ability to manipulate flame he knows how to undo the three collars that limits an Anaisi’s power base and sucks souls. He became Keiden’s lover for a time, until it is reveal they were brothers, Foalan refusing to let go of the bond they had created but aiding his brother in rescuing Ty, Keiden’s lover from Raziel. Since everything has settled down now, since the birth of the twins, Foalan has been affected by a bit of wanderlust that marks most of his past. He still ends up falling into certain places, such as here. But he's now found himself with a job as security for Riker's. He's having fun but should the opportunity for another adventure arise he's more than willing to drag Riel kicking and screaming through it.

After some soul searching Foalan started making small forays to Aruinnbith. At first these visits were quite short. Gradually they became longer until he was becoming more comfortable with what used to be his home. As a gift for Riel he had two daggers created from Aruinnbith Silver. It took months but he was able to harness a type of fire magic within the blades. It was during Fibhal Sgeara that he finally went to visit his great grandfather for the first time in centuries. This meeting was in part the catalyst for Foalan moving home permanently. He and Riel opened HS in Tisesoma. They live over the club in the loft (though loft is a relative term. The entire club takes up twenty terran blocks). For a time the loft was separated into two apartments one for Riel and Foalan and one for Keiden and the twins following the sudden death of Ty.

By the time the twins were nearing five, Foalan and Riel were closer than ever. It was during this time that it was discovered Piran was actually the god that created the Anaisi. Through his intervention he was able to save Anael from accidental poisoning by Serardim flowers. During this time Anael asked him to destroy the collars that had plagued the Anaisi since they were created. During the destruction of one of the collars, Suriel was brought back to life. Shortly there after Foalan and Riel were married.

*Marital Status: engaged to Riel
*Children: none
*Bonds: none

Things that piss Foalan off and will get you in trouble fast.

- calling into question either his heritage or his sexuality. The former because of his mother and his own early misgivings about his family. The latter, because he's not used to it, and finds it rude that other people would actually have an opinion about his personal life when it's not their buisness.

- intending to hurt his family in any way.

-disparaging his friends or family

- intolerance in general

Other: The following things are minor and perhaps inconsequential to knowing Foalan but are to be assumed whereever he is. All Anaisi and Schi have a scent, his is blackberries. The scent is even stronger near his wings and when they move the scent around him will intensfy. His wings are fire, pure fire, but they are solid, and like all wings are extremely sensitive. Nerve endings are clutered around the base and are throughout the entire wing, his are neither more sensitive or less sensitive because of their form. Effectively they are errongenous zones, and when hurt or harmed in anyway whilst they don't bleed as other wings might, it's the same as nailing a man in the crotch. In fact if asked Foalan would prefer being hit in the crotch than the wings. He's broken his wings no less than five times throughout his life, the first when he was five, which led to him not learning how to fly until he was almost ten. As such there is a bit of nerve damage in places that leave them very sensitve and the Schi terribly concerned about them being hurt. The guantlet is still fresh in his mind and he suffers from occasional nightmares from the events.

Although the wings are pure fire, if someone were to touch them (with his permission) they do not burn unless he wishes them to. If someone accidently falls into him, they will not burn at first, if there is pain at all his wings will flare and the flare might result in the unsuspecting person being burnt. He is constantly several degrees warmer than everything around him. He hates the cold and although he seems to in water quite a bit, it's usually cold. Water hot enough for him would burn others. His alcohol tolerance is obscene. The only thing that will get him the least bit drunk or even buzzed in the Anaisi made drink of death, Taiol' bin. Drugs on the other hand are a different story, schi like anaisi have an extremely low tolerance to all types of drugs, one hit of X would last a week or there abouts. His powers are near impossible to use when drugged at the same time it's quite easy to accidently kill him that way.

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