Character Details - Rivgo Velden

Written by GhetsuhmCreated : 2-May-2005 8:46:51 pm
Last Edited : 30-Aug-2005 5:36:11 am

Rivgo is the new trainee bartender at Riker's, among other things. He's about twenty-five, six foot even, with sandy hair, hazel eyes, and an infectious smile.

Rivgo claims to have been a pilot before coming to Riker's, though he's not forthcoming on the odd career transition. He also appears to have some hand-to-hand combat training and oddly military habits under the general air of 'wastrel'.

Unknown to anyone at this point, Riv served for a while in the TIF military as a fighter pilot, then absconded in the middle of a painful and complicated personal situation that led to him losing pretty much everything, including the woman concerned. After a year or so's hard drinking, he took up piloting for a black market smuggling cartel to pay the bills. Absconding from that has meant hiding deeper than he ever had to from the TIF.

In spite of the sheer amount of trouble he brings in his wake, Riv remains light-hearted and elaborately casual in all his dealings.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Nathan Fillion