Character Details - Mica Miril

Written by RailenCreated : 2-May-2005 7:51:25 pm
Last Edited : 2-May-2005 7:51:48 pm

Name: Mica Miril
Race: Elf
Nick: none
Age: Around 700 (physical appearance 19)
Height: 5' 8"
Build: Slender
Hair: Several shades of brown and red
Eyes: Ranges from pale green to grey
Skin: Pale

Mica is a very gentle and fun-loving sort. He's shy enough that it's hard for him to get to know anyone that he didn't grow up with, which has through the years dwindled down to a handful of other elves and halfbreeds.

He has no unusual abilities, no magical powers, a trait shared by the other children born in his village.

He has never taken a mate, or even a similar interest in another. Every time someone comes on to him, he runs away (not literally (well, maybe sometimes)).
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