Character Details - Tarik

Written by RailenCreated : 2-May-2005 7:39:23 pm
Last Edited : 2-May-2005 8:01:59 pm

Name: Tarik
Age: 26
Height: 6'3"
Eyes: Pale blue
Hair: Straight, black... just past his waist

Physical: Tall, strong, and very athletic. His hair is dark and his skin pale, Tarik looking very much like a vampiric being.

Personality: He started out as a shy and introverted young boy, but as he grew up under the guidance of more shady characters, Tarik began to toughen up... at least on the outside. He'll often brush things off as if he doesn't care, but deep inside he wars with himself over what his life has become and what all has led him there. Although not shy anymore, he is content to remain silent and in the shadows, liking to watch more than become part of any action he might stumble across.

Background: Growing up in a rather gritty and dark city, Tarik ran away from a neglective home at the age of 14. He survived by picking pockets and running drugs, as well as other 'goods', for dark and dangerous people. One of these men he became a quick favourite of... settling in as a sort of an heir/desciple and lover. He learned the business quickly and took over when the man died when Tarik was 19.

His entire life as far as he can remember, Tarik has been plagued by strange dreams. They've never been explained, and he refuses to talk about them with anyone, but they are a source of constant distraction and distress, the images he is faced with seeming all too life-like and personal. As with any other problem, he ignores them and puts them off to his upbringing and lifestyle.

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