Character Details - Nathanael

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Physical Description:
Name: Nathanael
Race: Anaisi
Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: 26
Height: 6'2"
Hair: Long, past his shoulders. Several shades of red.
Eyes: Black with red flames dancing inside.
Complexion: Medium tone.
Identifying Marks: Anaisi emblem over his heart, though it is sometimes hidden.
Clothing: Varies, but he is most comfortable in anything he creates from his own fire.
Personal Items usually carried:

Personal Information:
Personality: Dark, sensual, and hot tempered. Mildly insane.
Skills and Abilities: Creation and manipulation of fire and heat. Shifting, shapeshifting, flight, basic telekinesis, skilled with both sword and spear, skilled at hand-to-hand combat but usually relies on his unhuman strength.
Weapons Used: Weapons rarely used, but does have a sword and spear.

Background Information:
Children: Enoch, Keiden Mael Rishon Chaim Gersham, Foalan Cian Ailill Niall

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